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    This Terran Ghost commando was to be the main playable character in StarCraft Ghost. Though the game was cancelled, she appears in a supporting role in StarCraft II.

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    Born into the Nova family, a rich and powerful family of the Terran Confederacy. Her family lived in the Terra Skycraper in Tarsonis City, Tarsonis. Nova posseses a degree of empathy, not commonly seen in any of the Old Families. She holds strong to the code of fair play. Unknown to her, part of her empathy stems from her powers of telepathy.

    Constantino, her father, knew of these abilities, but he was not aware of their limits. She lacked training and was limited to sensing emotions, at the age of seven. It is standard for psychic children to be sent into the Ghost Program. Her family opposed this by keeping her abilities well hidden. Constantino even tried to prevent Nova herself, from knowing about her powers.

    Nova learned about her psychic abilities on her fifteenth birthday, after reading the mind of Morgan Calabas. Nova's parents decided it was best to send her away. Reluctantly, three days later Nova boarded a vessel to a resort on Tyrador IX, where she would be safe. Shortly after boarding, she felt that her parents were being murdered by anti- Confederate rebels. She disembarked from the vessel and quickly found her parents and their employees, dying at the hands of Edward Peter, Gustavo Mcbain and a rebellion. McBain was ordered to shoot and kill Nova, but her powers caused her to unleash her immense psychic powers to devastating effect, without any control. The outburst led to a part of the Terra skyscraper being destroyed and the death of hundreds of people. Nova came close to killing herself afterwards.

    The destruction made her a quality candidate for the Ghost program. Malcolm Kelerchian recruited her, under orders from Ilsa Killiany. She was given the code X41822N, before even becoming a formal member.

    StarCraft 2

    Wings of Liberty

    Nova appears in StarCraft 2 during Tosh's final mission to warn you that the Spectres Tosh wants you to free are all psychopathic maniacs that should stay locked up. She proposes that you instead follow her on a mission to shut down Tosh's Spectre facilities. Even though Nova is working for Mengsk during SC2, she offers you schematics to train Ghosts should you decide to help her. She will not, however, join you on your quest. After you've completed the mission, Nova assassinates Tosh and vows to hunt down every rogue Spectre in the galaxy.

    Heart of the Swarm

    Nova going after Kerrigan in Heart of the Swarm.
    Nova going after Kerrigan in Heart of the Swarm.

    Nova will hunt now transformed Sarah Kerrigan in the second part of StarCraft 2 trilogy.

    She will not go after Kerrigan alone, but with her own unit of marines (probably even her fellow ghosts).


    Nova is a blonde with green eyes. At age 15, she was very tall for her age.


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