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    Sarah Kerrigan

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    Sarah Kerrigan was a Terran Ghost before being captured by the Zerg on Tarsonis. After being Infested and transformed into a twisted Zerg hybrid, she came to rule the terrifying Swarm as the self-styled Queen of Blades.

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    Sarah Kerrigan as a Ghost operative.
    Sarah Kerrigan as a Ghost operative.

    Sarah Louise Kerrigan was a powerful psychic Terran female who was conscripted into the highly secretive and morally questionable Confederate Ghost program and later joined the rebel group named the Sons of Korhal. She was an unnaturally powerful psychic so much so that her abilities warranted a readjustment of the PI scale that was used to measure psychic potential. After joining the Sons of Korhal she served as second-in-command until Arcturus Mengsk allowed her to be captured and infested by the Zerg Swarm. After she was infested by the Zerg, she would become the self styled "Queen of Blades". She serves as a playable character in the original Starcraft and as the Chief antagonist in Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. Sarah was 26 years old during the events of

    StarCraft and 27 during the events of the Brood War. She was voiced by Glynnis Talken-Campbell in StarCraft and Brood War, and is voiced by Tricia Helfer (from Battlestar Galactica) in StarCraft II.

    Early Years

    The First indication of Kerrigan's powers were when she accidentally psychically damaged her Father's brain and decapitated her Mother at a young age. Seeing her vast potential as a ghost operative, the confederate conscripted her into the Ghost program. She was initially very hesitant and combative towards the instructors and so a neural adjustor was implanted. The neural adjustor reduced the Ghost's Psychic powers while at the same time ensuring their loyalty to the Confederacy. Her psychic powers were further reduced by her "Ghost conditioning" and this was done to ensure that her vast psychic powers would not lead to her going insane. Kerrigan was a very effective weapon and she was used to silence various people who were clamoring for reform in the confederacy; among these people was the father of Arcturus Mengsk.

    However as fate would have it, Kerrigan was captured by forces loyal to Mengsk during a raid on a warehouse where she was found unconscious. Recognizing her vast potential and her usefulness to their cause, Mengsk proceeded to remove the neural adjustor and thereby broke the confederates control over her. Once she recovered, Kerrigan joined the sons of Korhal and was instrumental in leading an attack on a Ghost academy on Tarsonis. While there, she confronted and killed Major. Rumm who was her instructor during her Ghost years and was responsible for the harsh training methods that were used on her. Mengsk with Kerrigan's help found and subsequently killed two of the ghosts who had murdered his family and proceeded to pardon Kerrigan; who had viciously murdered his Father. This incident along with him setting her free of Dominion control, made her feel indebted to Mengsk and she became a member of the Son's of Korhal.

    Kerrigan's Capture

    "Uh boys, how about that evac?"

    In the years that followed the Sons of Korhal continued to gain momentum and popularity for the confederacy continued to erode. It is around this time that Jim Raynor starts actively participating in anti-Confederation activity and works closely with the Sons of Korhal. Although apprehensive first, Kerrigan and Raynor would grow to become involved. During the course of their war on the confederacy, the sons of Korhal steal a Psi-Disruptor from the Confederacy; when activated it would act as a beacon to the zerg swarm and lure them to its position. Eventually the rebellion would reach the planet of Tarsonis, which was the capital planet of the Confederacy. There, despite the express objections of Jim Raynor and Kerrigan, Mengsk orders General Duke to deploy the Psi-Disruptor and consequently condemn the billions of people on the planet to death. With the disruptor activated the Zerg swarm descended on the planet and before long the Protoss deploy an expeditionary force to destroy the primary Zerg hive cluster before the swarm has a chance to overwhelm the planet. In mission 9, New Gettysberg, of the Terran campaign, Kerrigan was tasked by Mengsk to destroy the Protoss forces that had arrived to allow time for the Zerg to completely destroy the Confederacy. Kerrigan succeeded in holding off the Protoss strike force and once her mission had been completed she requested that she and her forces be extracted. However, the Psi-Disruptor suddenly ceased working and the Zerg swept down on the unsuspecting Terran base. As a final act of revenge for Kerrigan's role in the murder of his father, Mengsk refuses to send help and instead orders the rebel fleet to withdraw. Raynor and his rebels leave the Sons of Korhal in protest of Mengsk's increasingly harsh tactics.

    After Infestation
    After Infestation

    Sarah Kerrigan was presumed dead. It was the last time Sarah Kerrigan would be seen fully human. With her forces completely overrun by the swarm, Kerrigan bitterly contemplates Mengsk's treachery. Instead of killing her the Overmind chose to infect her due to her immense psychic potential and she would emerge as a bizarre Human-Zerg hybrid. Unlike traditionally infected humans, Kerrigan could think and had her own free will to a certain extent. After the defeat of the Overmind , Sarah could now become the new leader of the Zerg. All that stood in her path were a few renegade cerebrates. Manipulating the Dark Templar's Matriarch, Kerrigan was able to use the Protoss forces and destroy her competition. With the Swarm under her control, she proclaimed herself the “Queen of Blades”.

    Kerrigan's Pursuit and Purpose

    Kerrigan in Wings of Liberty
    Kerrigan in Wings of Liberty


    Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, Kerrigan sets out on a quest to prevent Jim Raynor from gathering the Xel'Naga relic fragments out of fear from its capability of wiping out the Zerg. Raynor's initial intent was to find her and kill her, to end her reign of terror once and for all, but that would soon change when Zeratul revealed the vision of a future in which Kerrigan was killed. A future where her absence brought forth eternal darkness. A mysterious entity called "the Fallen One" lead the Zerg swarm, bolstered by hideous Zerg/Protoss hybrids, and used it to exterminate the Terran and Protoss races, before discarding the swarm, forcing every Zerg to die with the might of its will. Sarah Kerrigan had to be saved, or the galaxy would fall, and with it the three races.

    However, Kerrigan, who was still corrupted by the Zerg and her own never ending lust for power, would go as far as assaulting the planet habited by the Moebius Foundation, the ones with knowledge of the location of the fragments. In spite of her direct effort to recover the fragment, Jim Raynor was able to secure all the pieces. Unable to prevent Raynor from assembling the relic, Kerrigan retreats back to the planet of Char, awaiting the inevitable final showdown.

    The Rescue and Future

    A purified Kerrigan, carried into the sunlight by Raynor
    A purified Kerrigan, carried into the sunlight by Raynor

    A large Terran battle fleet launched an attack on Char and after intense fighting were able to gain a foothold on the planet. Although her forces had a clear numerical advantage over the Terran soldiers, they were well entrenched and their primary operating base was extremely well defended. Furthermore, the Dominion and Jim's Raiders had managed to regroup and launched well coordinated and precision strikes before the final ground campaign. This attack had temporarily crippled the Zerg's ability to reinforce their front line soldiers quickly. Undaunted and in a relentless attempt to prevent Jim's Raiders and Dominion troops from achieving their goal, Kerrigan threw everything she had at them, including assaulting them personally. In spite of some immediate setbacks, time was on her side as eventually the humans would find themselves overwhelmed by the relentless and unending Zerg attacks. However the Terran's were able to stave off the swarm long enough to deploy the relic. Kerrigan was ultimately overwhelmed by its power. The resulting shock wave wiped out all Zerg on Char and partially cured her of the Zerg infestation. Raynor would find her stripped of her scaled armor and wings, though still with her tentacle-like "hair".

    In Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, Kerrigan is clearly more human than Zerg now, though she can still exert limited control over the Zerg swarm, a control that grows in power and range. In order to achieve this; she must regain her abilities as a Zerg but now also has the ability to evolve and mutate them together with her Ghost powers at her own choice. Her personal goal is to exact revenge upon the ones who betrayed her, and subsequently rendered her corrupted by the Zerg, such as Mengsk. This is, however, the short term goal. She must re-expand her control over the broods, so that she can fulfill her destiny and save the universe from the Fallen One. Whether she's striving for this herself, or this transpires out of her control, is yet to be revealed.


    • A diorama of the Queen of Blades exists in Blizzard Entertainment's office in Irvine, California.
    • In StarCraft II, Infested Kerrigan's portrait is available on for players who complete the 'Solo Zerg 1000' achievement. Kerrigan's Terran portrait is available for players who complete the 'Liberty Completionist: Brutal' achievement.
    • An alternate version of Kerrigan is available as a hero in Blizzard DotA.

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