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    The Terrans are a race of futuristic humanoids that appear in the Starcraft universe. They are noted for their ability to quickly adapt to new terrains and use any natural resources to their advantage.

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    Terran Overview

    Terrans are basically "Humans". They are also the most divided of the 3 Starcraft races. They are in different factions that are all competing with each other to become the most dominant. Most of the Terrans in Starcraft are descendants of a crashed criminals holding ship. They are also the most mobile of the 3 races and are the best adapters. Terrans use their technology to survive. They are known to use powerful vehicles, body enhancements through drugs or technology integration. Terrans also seem to have telekinetic and or physic abilities, the Protoss seem to have an incredibly more advanced version of this though. The Terrans also build mechanized tools and buildings. They combine all of this to become a powerful force among the other more advanced species. They seem to be the perfect balance between organic and technological power.
    Starcraft Units
    Starcraft II Units
    • SCV
    • Marine
    • Firebat
    • Ghost
    • Medic
    • Vulture
    • Siege Tank
    • Goliath
    • Wraith
    • Dropship
    • Explorer Science Vessel
    • Valkyrie
    • Battlecruiser

    • SCV
    • MULE
    • Marine
    • Marauder
    • Reaper
    • Ghost 
    • Hellion
    • Siege Tank
    • Thor
    • Viking
    • Medivac
    • Raven
    • Banshee
    • Battlecruiser

    Terran Units


    SCV (Space Construction Vehicle)

    The SCV, a small engineering mech, is the primary non-combat unit of the Terran forces. SCVs were first used as construction vehicles on space stations, but were soon put to good use in the Terran military. It is used to build and repair various buildings and ground units, as well as to gather minerals and Vespene gas. The SVC is not heavily armored and does not posess any effective weapon systems; it is thus very vulnerable to enemy attack. SCVs return as gatherers in Starcraft 2.


    Marine  concept art
    Marine concept art
    The Marine is the most common unit in the Terran forces, the first line of defense when it comes to attacking or defending. The Marine wears a suit of large and very bulky cybernetic plate armor, and is armed with a C-14 Gauss rifle. Marines can be upgraded with the Stim Pack ability, which increases the unit's awareness and accuracy at the cost of a certain amount of health, however, in StarCraft II, the StimPack ability increases attack and movement speed. Featured in Starcraft 2 once again.

    Firebat (Armored Assault Trooper)

    Firebat  Concept art
    Firebat Concept art
    Firebats are specialized assault troopers equipped with flamethrowers which spread damage to many units. They are mainly used in close-quarters combat, and are most effective against small units like Zerglings or infantry unit. Firebats cannot attack air units.


    Nova, a ghost from the cancelled game  Starcraft: Ghost.
    Nova, a ghost from the cancelled game Starcraft: Ghost.
    The Ghosts are gifted espionage units. They are adopted by the confederacy at an early age, when they first show signs of physics abilities. They wear state of the art stealth technology which renders them completely invisible in normal conditions. They are equipped with powerful C-10 canister rifles, effective at long range. Ghost have the ability to "lockdown" mechanical units rendering them useless for a temporary amount of time. They can also "paint" a target so as to direct a nuclear warhead to a desired location. Returning unit in Starcraft 2.


    Medic concept  art
    Medic concept art
    The Medic is a support unit that has the ability to heal injured allies. This potentially increases the life span of Marines, Ghosts, and Firebats while in combat. The Medic also carries an A-13 flash grenade launcher that can blind or severely decrease the vision of enemies, as well as a large shield for defense against hostile units


    Vulture fan art
    Vulture fan art
    The Vulture is a lightly armored hover-bike vehicle equipped with an AG-2 grenade launcher. It can travel at speeds of up to 230 MPH, which makes it an ideal unit for scouting or raiding. 

    Siege Tank

    Siege  Tank concept art.
    Siege Tank concept art.
    The Siege Tank is one of the most powerful units available to the Terrans. It is equipped with two 80mm plasma cannons and a 120mm Shock Cannon. The latter attack is very powerful, but has a short range and requires the unit to enter 'siege mode' before using the attack. The attack deals a large amount of splash damage and is most effective against buildings and ranged units.  Returns in classic form in Starcraft 2.


    Goliath  concept art
    Goliath concept art
    The Goliath is a combat mech unit equipped with anti-armor auto-annons, as well as an array of anti-air Hellfire missiles.


    Wraith  concept art
    Wraith concept art
    The Wraith is the primary offensive air unit available to the Terrans. It is equipped with burst lasers and anti-air Gemini missiles, as well as a cloaking system. Although it can attack both ground and air units, it is most effective against other air units. It is the most used vehicle in space warfare among the different factions.


    Dropship  concept art
    Dropship concept art
    The APOD-33 Dropship is an air transport unit used to insert Terran units wherever necessary, often close to an enemy base. It is heavily armored, but possesses no weapon systems and is quite slow. Wraiths are often used to protect Dropships from enemy attacks.

    Science Vessel

    Science  vessel screenshot
    Science vessel screenshot
    The Explorer Science Vessel was initially used to study various phenomena in space, and was later deployed for use in the Terran military as a support ship and research facility. The vessel has the ability to shield units temporarily, attack electronic technologies or weapons with an EMP shockwave, and irradiate a ground unit, damaging that unit's health and the health of those around it (given that the units are biological).


    Valkyrie  screenshot
    Valkyrie screenshot
    The Valkyrie, an anti-fighter spacecraft, is only able to attack other air units. It is equipped with an array of H.A.L.O. cluster rockets, which cause area-of-effect damage to all air units in its attack radius. 


    Battlecruiser cutscene screenshot
    Battlecruiser cutscene screenshot
    The Behemoth-class Battlecruiser is a heavily armed & armored Terran battleship. It is able to attack both land and air units, being equipped with burst laser batteries and the powerful Yamato Gun, a nuclear blast focused into a beam through magnetic fields. The Battlecruiser is most effectively used to attack structures.  Battlecruisers return in Starcraft 2 including the famous Yamato cannon.


    Starcraft II



      A new light raiding vehicle to replace the Vulture. This guy proves effective because he is good at taking out Infantry units in groups with its flamethrower in jets of flame. An upgrade allows the Hellion to do more damage against light units and changes its flame to a bright blue.




      Ravens are essentially combat replacements of the science vessels of Starcraft 1. Providing Auto turrets giving ground defense, Point Defense Drones that shoot down enemy missiles, Hunter-Seeker Missiles which target air units and does splash damage , and Stealth Detection, It is a very useful and necessary support unit to any Terran Force.



    Medivac dropship

    The new transport for Terrans in Starcraft 2. This aircraft serves a dual purpose on the battlefield, transporting and healing of Terran ground forces. It still follows the transport features of a Starcraft 1 shuttle but with bigger units such as the Thor now on the battlefield, space can be limited as a Thor takes up the entire hold of a Medivac.




     Marauder Concept Art
     Marauder Concept Art

     Marauders are a new infantry unit introduced in Starcraft 2. These guys replace Firebats as close range support but also give the Terran forces an advantage when they receive the concussive shells upgrade by slowing down units allowing any unit to fire upon it that would  normally escape such as fast moving Reapers, Zealots or Zerglings.


    Reaper  concept art
    Reaper concept art
    Reapers are a units that personify the mobility of the Terrans. Equipped with jet packs, they can jump up and down cliffs while most units cannot. They are the most hardened criminals that go under the most brutal training. They are also more frequent users of Stim Packs than the average Terran Marine. Reapers attack with rapid fire dual Gauss pistols


    Viking concept art of both ground and air modes
    Viking concept art of both ground and air modes
    Vikings have he ability to switch from a ground unit to an air unit. This simple mechanic makes the Viking very important to the Terran arsenal. They can be fighting off hordes of Zerglings but once they are overwhelmed, can simply switch to become an air unit to avoid further damage. There are many more strategic uses for the Viking as well.


    Banshee  concept art
    Banshee concept art
    The AH/G-24 Banshee is a tactical strike aircraft designed to attack ground units. It has the ability to cloak itself, which allows it to move into unprotected enemy bases and launch a surprise attack on the ground units therein. The Banshee is very cheap to produce.


    Thor concept  art
    Thor concept art
    Developed towards the end of the brood war by the dominion at a munitions factory on Korhal. The Thor is the most powerful ground unit of the Terrans. It is devastatingly powerful to buildings. Thors are produced at Factories and require an upgrade to bring their 250mm cannons to online. This unit effectively replaces having to field multiple Goliaths and if supported properly by marines and SCVs, can assume the role of what use to take 2-3 Goliaths to provide ground to air support and heavy artillery fire on buildings.

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