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Viking - Ground
Viking - Ground

Officially designated the A2 Armored Mechanical Hybrid, the Viking was designed to be the ultimate support weapon system. After Brood War, it was discovered that the Terrans lacked effective means of anti-air. Wraiths and Valkyries were too fragile and unwieldy. Ground based anti-air such as the Goliath were severely limited in mobility. To fix this, Terran engineers developed the Viking using transformation technologies found in the Siege Tank. The Viking can switch from an air superiority fighter to an assault walker. In fighter mode, the Viking is equipped with MT50 Lanzer Torpedoes for anti-air operations. In assault mode, the Viking has dual gatling guns to support ground forces. The Viking is notoriously difficult to pilot as pilots are often unable to master both the walker and fighter modes. Those that do however are renowned and feared.

TypeMechanical, Air/Ground, Armored
RoleTransforming Support Unit
Cost150 minerals 75 gas
Build Time42s
Hit Points120
Armor0 (+1 per Ship Plating upgrade)
ArmamentMT50 Lanzer Torpedoes, Dual Gatling Guns
Attack (air)10 (+4 vs armored) x2 (+1/+1 per Ship Weapons upgrade)
Attack (ground)12 (+1 per Ship Weapons upgrade)
Range9 (air)/ 6 (ground)
Speed2.75 (air)/ 2.25 (ground)
Produced AtStarport
Campaign UpgradesCostEffect
Ripwave Missiles$75,000Vikings deal aerial splash damage
Phobos-class Weapons System$90,000Increases Viking air attack range by 2
Increases Viking ground attack range by 1


Raid and Pillage
Raid and Pillage

Starports can use the reactor add-on to pump Vikings out at twice the normal rate. Viings are produced in fighter mode and are incredibly effective anti-air units. Their long range allows Vikings to kite many other air units as well as attack Colossi from a safe distance; their considerable firepower makes them very effective against capital ships. Phoenixes can pose a problem as they have more health and their speed, decent firepower and ability to fire on the move can be problematic. Mutalisks also pose a problem as they often outnumber the Vikings. Because air superiority is often vital to Terran strategy, the Viking is one of the most important units in the Terran arsenal. They do have a tendency to cluster, making them vulnerable to splash damage and area of effect spells.

In assault mode, the Viking sports a rather modest attack but can be useful for providing some additional firepower. They are very vulnerable in assault mode however, especially to Marauders, Stalkers and Hydralisks. Because it takes three seconds to transform, Vikings must transform ahead of time. The ability to transform makes the Viking a very effective harass unit.


Initially the Viking was produced by the Factory in Assault Mode. At one point, Vikings could be produced from both Factory and Starport in Assault Mode and Fighter Mode respectively. Also the Viking originally could attack air units while in Assault Mode.

The Viking is reference to the Blizzard game, The Lost Vikings with some of its quotes referencing the game. There is also the Lost Viking minigame onboard the Hyperion in the Wings of Liberty Campaign.


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