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Marauder profile
Marauder profile

Realizing the need to defeat hardened Zerg carapaces, the Terran Dominion modified a Firebat combat suit to sport two large grenade launchers on each arm. Unlike most Terran infantry, many Marauders have never been to jail or have only been accused of light crimes.

RoleHeavy assault infantry
ArmamentQuad K12 Punisher grenade launchers
ProtectionCMC-660 Heavy Combat Suit
Resources100 minerals, 25 gas
Supply2 units
Transport slots2
Build time30 sec
Hit points125 (100 in Campaign without Kinetic Foam)
Armor (armored)1 (+1 per Infantry Armor upgrade)
Attack (ground)10 (+10 vs armored) (+1 per Infantry Weapons upgrade/ +2 vs armored)
Cool down1.5 sec
Attack range6
Sight range10
Movement speed2.25
Built atBarracks
RequiresTech Lab attachment
Build dialogue"Let's have a blast!", "KABOOM, baby!", "Ohhh, it's on", "It's go time!", "It's about to get heavy"
UpgradesCostResearch TimeResearch AtHotkeyEffect
Concussive Shells50 minerals 50 gas60sTechlabGGrenades will now slow the speed of one non-massive target by 50%
Stimpack100 minerals 100 gas170sTechlabTIn exchange for 20HP, the Marauder gets a 50% boost to movement speed and firing rate for twelve seconds
Campaign UpgradesCostResearch AtEffect
Jackhammer Concussive Shells$70,000Hyperion ArmoryShots will slow down the target and all nearby enemy units. Does not work on massive units
Kinetic Foam$90,000Hyperion ArmoryIncreases HP of the Marauder by 25 to match the multiplayer version.

Marauders are very effective against armored units like the Stalker and Roach. With Concussive Shells, Marauders can also defeat melee units like Zealots and Zerglings by endlessly kiting them. With Medivac support, they are incredibly hard to kill. Marauders are frequently loaded into Medivacs for counter drops on the enemy base. The Marauder is part of the dreaded Marine Marauder Medivac combination.

In campaign, Marauders are not nearly as effective as their multiplayer counterparts due to their lack of Stimpacks.


Terran: Siege Tank, ThorTerran: Marine, Banshee
Protoss: Stalker, ImmortalProtoss: Zealot, Void Ray
Zerg: RoachZerg: Zergling, Brood Lord

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