Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Oct 28, 2020

    Square Enix brings its "2D HD" RPG series to mobile devices with a prequel to the first entry.

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    A JRPG with gacha elements, set as the prequel to the main game Octopath Traveler. Like other games in the series, this title features "2D HD" graphics inspired by old PSX-era JRPGs, making use of the Unreal Engine to provide 3D backgrounds and AI pathing, but with 2D sprites.


    A mysterious man guides a Chosen One (a random Traveler drawn at the start of the game) to the continent of Orsterra, and gives them one of 8 Divine Rings, telling them that they must seize the remaining Divine Rings from those who use their powers for selfish ends. The story is divided into two main arcs: Master and Bestower. And each of these arcs is divided among the three main Influences, with a fourth to be unlocked later combining them.

    After the events of the Prologue, the first Traveler the player receives wakes up in a tavern in one of three towns depending on their choice of Wealth, Power, or Fame. They will then be given three additional Travelers for their Band (party) by default: Nanna, Jose and Conny. After this, the player enters their Band Name before setting off on their journey.

    The player can drift between the main storylines as they desire without being locked into any one particular route, or even complete sidequests and Travelers' stories in-between.


    The town of Valore, located in the middle of the Woodlands, has been largely run by a few organized families in an uneasy peace. However, a rich woman named Herminia, called "The Covetous Witch," has taken over the town by using her wealth to acquire a large amount of slaves to produce an addictive drug known as "Powder," enslaving most of the citizens to her whims.


    In the middle of the Frostlands lies the town of Emberglow. Lord Tytus, a once great hero, leads a band of former criminals called the Scarlet Wings, and rules over Emberglow with an iron fist, jailing or murdering any who stand in his way.


    On the edge of the Flatlands lies the town of Thetrapolis, known for its thespians and artists. A genius playwright, Auguste, has entertained many people across the continent with his wonderful plays, but the secret to his success turns out to be far darker than anyone dares to imagine.

    Path Actions

    Similar to the original game, players can choose multiple Path Actions that vary depending on who they speak to. These actions will fall along one of three Influences as well, and the player can "Inquire" with NPCs that have a colored speech bubble over their head as long as their corresponding Influence rank is greater than or equal to that of the NPC's rank. Failing 5 Path Actions in a town will shut off further Path Actions throughout the town until the player's Reputation recovers, either by waiting until the next day (in real-life time) or paying the local bartender some Leaves to restore their Reputation around town.

    All Path Actions generally fall under one of these categories:

    • Acquire Possessions: ranging from weapons and armor to trinkets that can be resold at a blacksmith's shop.
    • Recruit Allies: allowing the player to summon the NPC to use their power in combat to help their party or hurt the enemy in some way.
    • Inquire Further: slightly raise the Ally's ability or the types of possessions they are willing to part with.

    Not all NPCs will have all Path Actions available.


    The amount of Influence you have with your Leaves (currency in the game's world). The player can pay the asking price or attempt to Haggle to pay a cheaper price, with a higher chance of a successful Haggle depending on the player's Wealth rank.


    Quite simply, Power measures the player's ability to get what they want through combat. Trying to acquire items or Allies through this method will drag the Traveler's party into combat with the NPC, and possibly a couple extra enemies nearby. However, a successful battle will result in the player gaining all the items on the NPC's person, rather than one at a time with other Paths.


    The ability of the player to convince NPCs to give them their items or join as Allies with persuasion alone. The more Fame the player has, the better chance of success.


    Similar to the original game, the Travelers each fall into one of eight different classes:

    • Cleric: Staff wielders who use powerful magics, preferably to heal.
    • Scholars: Magicians who can learn powerful offensive spells, or whack enemies with their tome.
    • Merchant: Spear/polearm wielders who learn some offensive and supportive magic.
    • Warrior: Frontline attackers with powerful physical attacks and self-buffing abilities.
    • Dancer: Agile warriors who wield fans and provide wide ranging support skills.
    • Apothecary: Specialists with targeted healing and status removal magic who also wield large axes for some reason.
    • Thief: Quick attackers who equip daggers and debuffing magic.
    • Hunter: Bow users who can rain arrows on multiple enemies, some with debuffs attached.

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