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    Ōkami is an action-adventure game in which the goddess Amaterasu restores life and beauty to a world that has been taken over by malevolent beings through the power of celestial calligraphy techniques.

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    Okami: A Swan Song Most Worthy of Clover's Name 3

    Created in a time when venerable developer Clover Studio was on its last legs, Okami is a game which naturally burdens itself with a number of expectations. Not only does it come after a line of well-loved Viewtiful Joe installments from the same developer, but an uncanny resemblance to other recent action-adventure games also raises the stakes for the quality which is to be expected from this game. Thankfully, though, Okami not only meets these standards, but often far exceeds them. The game ma...

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    Okami is an outstanding, beautiful game that rises to perfection 1

    Throughout my life I've always thought achieving true perfection was impossible. As no matter how good something is, there's always some sort of flaw. And that flaw -- whether it be a big one or a small one -- keeps it from being perfect. This is especially true for videogames, as they possess a wide variety of possible problems, and at least one of 'em can be found in any game. Because of that, I had gotten used to the fact there would never be a perfect game. But in 2006, that changed. As tha...

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    A masterpiece 0

    The story begins exactly a 100 years after the great wolf Shiranui and the fearsome warrior Nagi defeat the evil Orochi. Once again has Nippon been overrun by evil forces and now it is up to you to defeat the legions of evil. You play the part of Amaterasu, a god and reincarnation of Shiranui. With the help of the celestial brush and your companion Issun you set out to find the 12 animal gods, learn the divine brush techniques and defeat evil. Along the way you get to meet some hillarious and fu...

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    I can't believe I waited so long to play this game. 0

    Review/Rant: I played this game for the first time in December 2008; a couple of years after its release on the PS2. Even at this age of next gen games, this one is surprisingly still fresh. It doesn't feel outdated like some other games of its generation. As a matter of fact, I think its beautiful graphics are on par with some of the best games you find on the PS3 or the Xbox 360. The graphics are simply stunning. The gameplay will feel familiar to anyone who played a 3D Zelda game but still ad...

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    A Simple and Richly Artistic Adventure 0

    There are few games that devote themselves so much to the concept of historical art as much Okami does. I would say the majority of the player experience does not involve the registration of what is being played, but rather what is being seen and heard, which is vastly distinct compared to other games. Perhaps this notion is contrary to the very rational fabric of what it means to be a video game, but Okami succeeds in its artistic qualities, which impress largely due to its veneration toward o...

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    A Tale of Art, Beauty, and Restoration of Life 0

     Hideki Kamiya created a name for himself early in the lifecycle of the Playstation 2 with the game Devil May Cry.   It was a sword-swinging action game with tremendous style, a rare game that wanted to be cool and actually was.   The same held true for Kamiya’s next franchise, Viewtiful Joe, which chronicled the adventures of a regular American teenager who got sucked into a superhero movie to save his girlfriend.   But, pizzazz aside, both of those games were hard.   Really, really hard. Than...

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    Final Thoughts: Okami 0

    Okami is a game that I had been interested in ever since it was first shown for PS2. But unfortunately, I never got to play it (not owning a PS2 will do that). Luckily, that all changed last year with the announcement of a long-overdue Wii version. Okami quickly became my #1 most wanted Wii game, even over such anticipated titles as Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart. And now, it has arrived and I have finally played it (oh lord, have I played it). So what's the verdict? Read on... (Note: there ...

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    One of the most beautiful games out there 0

    Finally. Okami for the Wii. I had seen a bit of this game back when it arrived at the PS2, but being a person that more or less dislike Playstation, I did not want to know too much about the game. If I did, I would most likely needed a PS2 just for this game. But now it is here, and I knew I had to have it. I knew precious little about the game. I knew you played a wolf, which also happened to be the sun god. I also knew you could use the "Celestial Brush" to paint, and I knew it had interesting...

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    The blossom's beauty is not foreshadowed by the seed 0

    In short, Ōkami is a nearly perfect 20 hour game that happens to be 40 hours long. Tons of weapons, abilities, and collectibles populate the already beautiful and expansive world of the game. On top of that, combat sequences are quick and each enemy offers a unique challenge. Impressive boss battles nicely magnify both the challenge and scale of the creatures you're fighting. Unfortunately the entire game is undercut by a terrible sense of pacing. No matter how much good content exists in the ga...

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    Okami was fun but better than Zelda? ha! 0

    Ok, I liked Okami alot.  I want to get that out of the way before I go into my rant.  Okami was FUN.  There is no denying that.  I loved the puzzles were creative, the dungeons were fun to figure out.  I thought some aspects about it was totally unique, while others were blatant clones of Zelda ideas. I love Zelda games, boy do it.  I love Zelda clones and Okami is one of them, but what get's on my nerves is when people say Okami is a Zelda game but better, well, I'm going to disagree with that....

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    Wii-Makes.... Not all they're cracked up to be. 0

    Well, Ive played both versions of Okami now and have to ask simply, Why? I Mean, it makes sense i suppose to release it on the Wii, The paintbrush felt better i suppose, but took more trys to get the symbols correct then it did on the ps2. Secondly, my wrist hurts about as much as when i played the demo to Lair >.< My Wrist can't handle all this waggling! Yes, The Graphics are better. Yes, the Widescreen is nice. But why on earth does every freaking wii game need to summon the long dead (a...

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    One of the prettiest games of all time. 0

    Okami is the 2006 PS2 game from Clover Studios, a sadly now defunct developer that turned out one of the best games of last year. Okami is basically a Zelda game, but rather than play as an elf-child, you play as Amaterasu, the reincarnated wolf-god in Japan, or, as she is known to the game's other deities: "Origin of all that is good and mother to us all". The plot of the game is fairy simple: for centuries, the evil demon Orochi would fire an arrow into the local village, and the resident of t...

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    An all around work of art. 0

    Okami is quite possible the most unique and beautiful looking game to grace the video game industry in decades. Aside from it's incredibly stylish and aesthetic appeal, it is a really fun game to play with a very unique approach to how you play the game.You take the roll of the sun god, Okami Amaterasu, and with the aide of a little bouncing bug-sized friend, Issun, roam the land of Nippon trying to restore humanities faith in the gods in order to eventually confront the demons face to face to p...

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    A beautiful and exciting experience, one of the best on the Wii 0

    The Good: Beautiful artistic and sound design - Great story – Long adventure with lots of tasks to do – Fantastic gameplay The Bad: Minor graphical and gameplay flaws – It ends______________Of the many ports that have been released on the wii, none has been so awaited like Okami. This game first appeared on the Ps2 back in 2006 and as great as it was it didn't sell very well, this time the game gets a second chance on the Wii and it should definitely be played by anyone who's into adventure game...

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    Okami 0

    If you have a PS2 and don't play Okami, you're a bad person. It's simply a fantastic game. The graphics are stunning - I don't care about the GE Force 8800 or the new current generation of high definition systems, Okami is the best looking game I've seen, thanks to the great art style and amazing cel-shading technology that makes it look like a living watercolor painting. This is an opinion of course, if you'd rather look at super high-def ruins in Gears of War, that's just fine. The game also h...

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    A glorious marriage of art, gameplay, and innovation 0

    It doesn't take very long to see that Okami is unlike any game that you have ever played. The game oozes eccentricity and surrealism from the moment that you begin watching the opening cutscene. Soon thereafter, you find yourself exploring a bright and colorful cel-shaded world and restoring beautiful vegetation to the countryside by using a celestial paintbrush. It is only a few minutes into the game that you realize that you are in for a very special experience, and that feeling never goes awa...

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    6h05tly's Okami Wii Review 2

    Ever since this game was released for the PS2, Okami was critically acclaimed for its graphics, gameplay, and innovation.  Okami didn't break records for Sony's console and became a rare find in various game stores.Two years later, ReadyAtDawn games announced they would release this title on the Nintendo Wii since many gamers thought that Okami would work well with the wii remote when painting commands in the game world.Now that Okami has entered Nintendo territory,  I can honestly tell you that...

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    OKAMI HD 0

    Clover Studio, a game company that sure did pass away way too soon from the gaming industry made this game for the playstation 2 back in the days.Now this game has been released once again in HD and it does this good. Okami looked beautiful on playstation 2 with its japaneese art style and now in HD on playstation 3 it looks better than ever.As a whole this game reminds me alot of the Zelda series when it comes to some game mechanics and the world exploration but it never feels like they have tr...

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    A warm welcome to the Adventure Genre 0

    Take Zelda and turn Link into a wolf and have him restore light and destroy darkness...wait that already happen...oh well. It is said the director of Okami is a big fan of the Zelda series so you will see subtle similarities Between the two games. But Okami offers an unique experience that any fan of Adventure genre should check out.What makes the game different from Zelda is the Celestial Brush. It allows you to bring up a brush and manipulate the world around you. If its night, you can draw a ...

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    The Game That Combines Myth, Gaming.....And Horny Sidekicks. 0

            I will not bore you the reader with facts about this game which have been repeated before me hundreds times ,if you do not know by now that the graphics are artistic ,and the voices are annoying then you haven't seen or read anything about Okami. In wish case, I'm flattered that you came to me first.I would like to start by pronouncing the fact that this is the type of game which will stand the test of time. Even now for example ,in this "next-gen" day and age we are used to astound...

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    A fine farewell to the PS2 0

    Okami is a game developed by the late Clover Studios. Clover Studios are a development studio funded by Capcom. Some of their most famous titles include Viewtiful Joe and the upcoming God Hand. Okami is one of the last must have UK Playstation 2 titles to come before the dawning of the Playstation 3. The game follows the journey of the sun goddess Amaterasu on her quest to vanquish the evil that has plagued the beautiful land of Nippon. On this quest you will encounter a vast amount of memorable...

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    Amazing, but not Perfect... 0

    33 hours, okami is finally finished for me. I liked it a lot overall, it had it's issues but overall its an excellent title that Wii owners all need to take a look at. My favorite aspect of the game is the story and its characters, whom all are very memorable and likable. This is one of the most epic games I've played simply due to the massive scope of the world needed to be traveled, and by how lively the world is filled with so many great characters. It easily beats Twilight Princess in the O...

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    didn't sweep me off my feet 0

    The game's visuals are what drew me in, and I still love the art style. It's unique, amazing - beautiful. However, the game itself just seemed to drag on and on for me and gave little sense of where the story was going. As soon as I'd think I'd freed the world from the dark curse, the curse would appear somewhere else and we'd do the same thing all over again. I can only save the world so many times, and after logging forty hours with no sense of whether or not it will end soon, I'm getting sick...

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    An astonishing Adventure into Japanese Folklore 0

    Okami could very well be the game that settles the debate whether or not video games should be considered art. It's hard to not be enthralled by its lush, flowing colours, breath-taking art design and highly stylized scenery and characters. It would be unfair to reduce the game to simply being "pretty" however, as the underlying gameplay, while very reminiscent of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series, is just as superb and the distinctly Japanese setting sets it apart from anything else out there. ...

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    Beautifully Flawed 0

    Six Years Later....Man, it feels great to finally finish this game and get it off my backlog; a place it has been lingering since it's release in 2006. I played a good chunk of it on PS2 when it came out, but I was unable to finish it at that time due to the discovery that I had cancer. You would think that such a negative and life-changing revelation would cause me to have sour feeling about this game; but on the contrary, I love this game to death. Throughout the past six years there have been...

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