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    Hexa Drive

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    Osaka based development studio, formed by ex-Capcom programmer Mazakazu Matsushita.

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    Certain Future

    Little known developer Hexa Drive is keen to show off its knowledge in the development of action games and programming skills, and has already set the benchmark with the port of Rez HD on XBLA. Masakazu Matsushita formed Hexa Drive after establishing himself at prior employer Capcom, leading as project manager & lead programmer on Lost Planet (Xbox 360). Essentially after Lost Planet shipped, Masakazu left Capcom and started the company. However it's worth noting his role in Lost Planet stemmed from the success of being the lead programmer on Devil May Cry 3 (PS2) and Power Stone 2 (AC, DC) respectively. So it should come as no surprise why Square Enix have decided to collaborate with the company on there current project, the forthcoming action RPG The 3rd Birthday. Masakazu's experience in programming ensures the companies growth and direction in the future, The 3rd Birthday's outcome could perhaps be another example of what's to come from the companies talent.

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