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So I just started playing Paragon on the PS4 2 days ago. I have read about all the changes that have gone on with the game and the disgruntled player base because of said changes. Now again this is my first impression of the game but I think this game is great and deserves a bigger spotlight IMO. The gameplay is fast and really fun, the character models and skins are amazing as well. Now I have never really played a MOBA besides messing around with HoTS before so I might stick with this one and see how it turns out. Thanks for your listening ear.

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I've been playing the game for about a year and a half now.

I definitely preferred the old card system, but am coming to terms with the new one. It feels a little undercooked at this point.

However, the changes they made to attack speed are a serious blunder, and make playing an ADC significantly less interesting. Moreover, it was totally unnecessary. This change wasn't addressing any existing issue--an unforced error.

I've probably sunk several hundreds of dollars into this game (I know, I know) so I'm not ready to just drop it right away. Epic has done a great job with the game so far, and I have faith that they will finesse Paragon back into a balanced, interesting, strategic MOBA.

P.S. If you have any MOBA, or Paragon-specific questions, I'd be happy to help you out.

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Glad to see someone enjoying it, but this patch killed the game for me. This is the second time nearly that nearly all balancing work has been thrown out the window. Might be cool in anothe six months. With a low player count and a self-destructing community, I don't know that it will be around for that long.

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I've watched a few long streams of the game recently and I was a bit taken aback by how toxic the player base is.

Now yes MOBAs are generally really bad about this and are on the cutting edge of people shittyness. I play HoTs myself and occasionally watch a League or Dota stream. But what I saw in Paragon was on a whole other level. Literally every single match I saw the streamer play (who was not participating in the toxic chat in any way btw) over the of a six hour stream, at least one person on the loosing team was a total shitbag verbally to his team, every, game. Compared to say HoTs where I see a colossal dick maybe once in a few matches.

For those that actually play this game a lot, is it really that bad? Did I just witness a freak uninterrupted streak of douchebaggery? (this was on PC version if it matters)

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I've played a few matches over the last year, I honestly never even noticed that there was a chat at all in this game.

This game feels really slow and awkward compared to a traditional MOBA but even compared to Smite, Paragon just feels really slow.

HotS > Smite > LoL > Paragon > DOTA2

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I just started playing last week too on PC. It seems pretty neat but 500k rep for unlocking mastery for a single character is a little ridiculous. And even then 250k rep for going from mastery level 1 to level 2 is equally dumb. I know I could just play any character but I'm not getting half the rewards from that and feels pointless. I hear from the community that it didn't use to be so grindy. This is just Marvel Heroes levels of silly at this point.

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I played it a decent amount when it first went up as like a paid entry. I had a ton of credit that Epic gave me because I was subscribed to UE4 before it went free so I had to blow the credit somewhere. I really like Paragon, but it feels a bit too hardcore for me at times. I haven't played it since it released and probably has had some changes since then.

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I've played about a dozen games over the past week or so and run into one person with aggressively bad manners and one, maybe two people who gave up a little early on what was probably a losing match. None would be better but it hasn't been enough to break my stride.

I also like the new card system better. It strongly emphasizes active abilities and more unique bonuses, in the previous system I frequently felt like I was hamstringing myself if I wasn't efficiently maxing out stats and rarely explored the more interesting options. It's still way too early to say how balance will shake out in a competitive sense, but my early impression is that there are a smaller number of options available, but more of those options are useful and interesting.

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@tennmuerti: Paragon has crossplay, so PC and PS4 players all play together. I would say that what you witnessed was definitely an anomaly. It's possible certain matchmaking rankings have more toxic players than others, but I definitely don't experience rudeness in every match.

@werupenstein: The most recent update has sped things up quite a bit. Epic has a weird obsession with getting match length down as low as possible.

@musclerider: Before the most recent update hero masteries were 75,000 reputation, I think. Many players had built up millions of reputation because there wasn't anything to spend it on once you had all the cards. They've increased the amount of reputation you get rewarded (I just received 100k as a daily log-in bonus), but I'm not sure it offsets the expense. I wouldn't be surprised if these numbers were adjusted in the future.

@matatat: It's basically a different game from when it launched. Lots of new heroes. Replaced the old map and got rid of travel mode. It's much more of a MOBA now. Unfortunately, the Orb Prime dunk mechanics is gone and probably never coming back.

@kjebka: See, I think all of this could have been achieved in the old system. Most high-level players were already using two or three unique ability/passive cards in their builds. The problem was that most of these cards weren't worth missing out on the stats for. Rather than make those cards more worth the tradeoff, they just got rid of (mostly) the stats. Also, I think that committing to pumping your stats up in lieu of getting awesome abilities/passives should be a viable option as well.

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