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  • musclerider posted a message on the post Google Stadia.

    This is bad for games, bad for people who play games, and bad for anyone else in your dorm/apartment building trying to use the internet. I have my computer in my home office with an ethernet cable ru...

  • musclerider posted a message on the post 0042: The King of Fighters XII & ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut.

    What's that KoF video Ben mentioned?

  • musclerider posted a message in the forum topic Fight Sticks, Dpads, and Gates. on the Mortal Kombat 11 board

    @cikame: @reap3r160: @therealturk:A lot of it does come down to practice ultimately. Back-Forward is definitely a tough one to do on a d-pad without hitting any extra directions. Especially since ther...