Give me game suggestions - PC RPG's playable on a controller

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Hello folks!

I kind of stopped gaming for a bit, or at least getting news about recent games and whatnot, nowI'm searchin a PC game!

First thing, one I could play with a controller or a mouse; I hate kb, I done some games with kb+m and I still have my gamer kb but I won't do it again, ever. Preferably a RPG (i.e possibility to create and develop a character based on your choices, not those linear action game self-called RPG), but not necessarly. It can be online (if you can play without any PvP, and if playing in a group is an option not a necessity) or not, and i'm whilling to invest quite some time and money in it if it's worth it.

What I prefer is exploration and customization; I don't really care about fightning (i.e I can play an ARPG, SRPG, TRPG, whatever, but i'm not a huge fan of fps though) but when there's some fightning involved I prefer to play as a tank or controller/support, also i'm more swords than guns.

I Love PSO2 and it runs without any problem on my computer, but I started it several years ago, got some maxed characters and all so yeah... I liked Dragon age origin/inquisition, Dark souls 1/2/3, Disgaea, Kingdom of amalur, Morrowind/Skyrim, FFXII/IZJS, NWN2, Dragon nest (but more for some friends I had on it), vindictus, Skyforge... and so many others (even more if you list consoles games too, I started gaming in 1994 and had every consoles until the ps3/360)

Also, i'm a huge fan of pokemon since 1998, but I played (a lot) to every single game of the serie

I spent a lot of time on diablo II but it was so many years ago I don't know if I could like it now, I tried some diablo-like (PoE, Torchlight...) but it's not really what I want... same for borderlands and GW2, I played and liked it but I can't remember well.

I didn't like the witcher (I don't like the mc, it's enough for me to dislike a game), nor mass effect, fallout, tera (grind, grind and grind... yeah cool), archeage (stupid people and PvP everywhere), WoW (and all those wow-like), B&S, DCUO (very good gameplay, but I don't play to a game to stay in this ***** world), Tree of savior (items durability on my tank and grind I must do to get my sorcerer)

The game doesn't need to be in english, I can understand a few other languages.

Finally, my computer is not that great for gaming, I'd like to buy a better one or a console but I don't know which one neither when i'll be able to do it, if you have any advice on it i'm interested too.

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Oh yeah i totally forgot about this one! It was awesome, and yes it's exactly what i'm looking for, thanks.
If you have any other recomm i'd be happy to hear them.

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@shinonezumi: I've edited the thread title. In the future, please make the title reflect the subject of your post as per our community rules. Users browsing the forums should be able to get the gist of what your thread is about without clicking on it.

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Have you played The Witcher 2? Played that last year and it worked great with a controller, though there is a weird camera bug every time you go through a door. Not a big deal though.

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Valkyria Chronicles and if you liked Dragon Age Orgins then all the old RPGs it is based on: Baldurs Gate 1&2 Icewind Dale 1&2 Planescape Torrment, Arcanium. Jade Empire is a good RPG.

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@liquiddragon: I was going to suggest that and/or 3, but the OP said he doesn't like the Witcher due to disliking Geralt as a main character. Glad to hear that door camera thing is a common occurrence, though. It's been driving me nuts on my second overall (but first PC) playthrough.

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Have you considered Divinity: Original Sin (Enhanced Edition)? I personally have not played it, but it was well-received critically when it was released, and this version is designed to be played with a controller. PC req's are relatively modest.

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@ralphmoustaccio: ahh didn't catch that I feel like an ass. Yeah, that bug kinda fucked with my eyes every time. I think you have to learn to close your eyes for a second when you enter a door.

To OP, maybe Lightning Returns? I see you liked FF12 so I'm thinking that had almost no story and Lightning Returns has a really bad story but both of them really hooked me with their gameplay. I've seen LR go on sale for $10 often on Steam but the base price of $20 isn't bad at all.

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Fallout, Dragon Age, Skyrim, Dark Souls...I only know the big ones :(

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Not releasing until Feb. 28, but Torment: Tides of Numenera might be worth a look. Light on combat, heavy on choices and consequences. Lots of reading and decision making. Should run fine on less powerful PCs, and will also have full controller support on PC.

Polygon posted a preview video today.

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So mouse only is ok? Pillars of Eternity. That also plays well with a Steam controller. Divinity Original Sin and Wasteland 2 both got Enhanced Editions that have 360/One controller support.

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Steam just had an update to use the steam controller profiles with xbox and ps4 controllers. I got a steam controller and after a month of getting used to it, completely love it for damn near every game that doesn't have native controller support. Honestly almost everything is cross platform these days if it has controller support. Lords of the fallen and salt and sanctuary for Dark Souls likes, Grim dawn if you loved diablo 2(never played diablo 2 but people compare them and grim dawn is one of my favorite games of all time) Native support isn't great but with the new steam stuff it should be easy to make a good profile for it with a regular pad, and maybe Banner Saga 1 and 2 (haven't played them yet but own the first).

Hard to say, all i play these days is Grim Dawn...

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Thank you for all your suggestions guys, some of these games look cool!

If there are any others i'm still interested, i can be quite picky sometimes so the more (games sugg) i have the better.

Yeah i forgot to mention FFXIII, i did the first one (well 99%, there was a boss left) but i'm still wondering why i played this game till the end... (but i liked the story, i even cried at the end)

And i never tried any sacred, it just came to my mind right now i saw a friend playing to it some day, i don't know if it can be good for me i must look it up.

@fisk0 And for the title... yeah cool i understand your point and you're right but i didn't say "rpg only" nor "controller only" and also... "give me game suggestions"? Wow that's not how people ask things you know? You also saw what it gives, it seems like some people didn't read anything but the title so i got a few useless answers.

edit: And yes, mouse-only is okay, if the game is really that good

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@oursin_360: did that update finally roll out to the non-beta client? I can only find articles and web pages from a few months ago mentioning the plans to roll it out "soon." That or that it's been released for the beta client only. I've just been using DS4Windows lately (had problems with the new inputmapper)

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@flashflood_29: Yes, but i should say that some official steam controller profiles(from developers) broke because of some bug in the API that got released with it, but user creations work just fine.

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@sayunowa: Wow, there's a lot of names i don't know in this list, thanks a lot!
And... Disgaea 2 on pc? A new tales of? Oh my... where have i been those past months...

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@shinonezumi: You can change it to something you feel gets the point across better by pressing the "Full Edit" button, just make sure it gives others a sense of what the topic is about.


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