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    Pippin Took

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    Pippin is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's the Lord of the Rings. Scottish actor Billy Boyd played Pippin Took in The Lord Of The Rings film trilogy.

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    Even though many people called him Pippin or Pip his real name was Peregrin and was the only son of Paladin Took II and Eglantine Banks. Since Peregrin was the only son in his family he was named Thain of the Shire when his father passed away in year 13 of the Fourth Age.
    Pippin was one of the nine companions that tried to help Frodo get the One Ring to Mordor. However both Merry and Pippin are kidnapped by Uruk-hai at the end of The Fellowship Of The Ring. At the Battle Of The Black Gate Peregrin slew a great troll Chieftain.


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