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 How to play Plain Sight (in a nutshell).
 How to play Plain Sight (in a nutshell).
Plain Sight is an indie multiplayer third-person arcade action game developed and published by Beatnik for the PC. The game pits up to 20 players against each other as suicidal ninja robots in a gravity-less, surreal arena in space. Dashing and killing enemy robots (and collecting random star objects) increase your energy (giving you strength and making you a larger target), which can be "banked" into your point count by exploding. (Getting enemies caught in your explosion multiplies the banked points) The game also features upgrades (which are limited to a match) and persistent perks (which are bought with "stars", cumulative currency based on collected star objects). The PC version was released on April 5, 2010, with PS3 PlayStation Network and WiiWare versions in development. Game also includes a leaderboard and a offline practice mode.

Game Modes

Deathmatch - Every Ninja Robot for him/herself!
TeamDeath Match - Teams of Robot Ninjas go head to head
Capture The Flag - Steal the other Teams flag to show who is better!
Lighten Up - Single Biggest detonation wins the round
Ninja Ninja Botzilla! - Ninjas kill Botzilla, Bozilla kill Ninjas

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