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Arguably the best RPG of all-time 3

The two main RPG styles are rarely broken - Japanese RPGs love their part fantasy part sci-fi settings with tween characters and Western ones are quite content with their monogomous relationship with Dungeons & Dragons. Occasionally you get a game that tiptoes out of such a description, but not very often. That in itself is enough reason to take a peek at Planescape: Torment, as while it carries D&D designation it takes that setting (and even style of gameplay) and warps it. With excelle...

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The Immortal RPG 0

     What value does life have in the eyes of an immortal?  How much power must an idea have before it starts changing the world?  Do strong passions like love and hate transcend the physical universe?  And are concepts like good and evil simply relativistic labels, or are they universally constant absolutes?      Video games do not have much of a reputation for contemplating philosophical questions, or provoking much contemplation at all.  One notable exception is Planescape: Torment (PT).  The...

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The second best RPG of all time. 0

I'm just posting this to bump the score. I wouldn't have to do it if Grumbel's review wasn't so tedious and frustrating. If you're wondering whether to play Planescape there are hundreds of professional reviews and lists citing it as one of the greatest RPGs and it's hailed as a game with one of the best stories ever told in video games.The spiritual successor to Planescape - Tides of Numeria managed to raise 4.2 million dollars in 30 days on kickstarter. That I think speaks louder than any one ...

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Tedious and frustrating 4

Let's start with clarifying what kind of game Planescape Torment is and is not. Looking at the screenshots one might think it's just a usual isometric RPG, but in a lot of ways it really is much closer to a multiple-choice interactive fiction title. The core of the game is essentially a scrolling text log on the bottom part of the screen in which you read dialogs and descriptions, just like one would in an interactive fiction interpreter. Instead of the parser interface Torment however uses simp...

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I feel stronger... 0

Hands down - favorite game that I've ever played.The whole game gives off a very dark atmosphere, especially when the game first starts (in a mortuary!). I didn't enjoy the game at first because, visually, that was alot to take in all at once (open wounds, blood-soaked slabs, embalming fluids, etc), but i soon got engulfed into the story and couldn't stop playing for the life of me.The story and character depth is what makes this game uber-addictive. It's odd because, in essence, it's a Quentin ...

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Represents one of the role-playing genre's pinnacle achievements! 0

Planescape Torment is a traditional computer role-playing game from Black Isle Studios, developers of the highly acclaimed Fallout series. But while the Fallout series contained a post-apocalyptic, futuristic setting, Torment features one of the favorite settings for cRPGs, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Despite choosing a setting familiar to most traditional RPG players, the developers do a great job in weaving one of the best stories ever told in a role-playing game that will have you question...

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