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    Planet Puzzle League

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jun 04, 2007

    Planet Puzzle League is the next installment in the Puzzle League series for the Nintendo DS that brings the series online for the first time.

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    Planet Puzzle League is a puzzle game made by Intelligent Systems Inc. that plays in the same way as Tetris Attack or Pokemon Puzzle League. The object of the game is to clear blocks of the same color by lining them up three or more in a row (using either the stylus or buttons) as more blocks appear from the bottom of the screen. Much like Tetris, if your stack of blocks reaches the top of the screen, the game is over. Planet Puzzle League brings the series online for the first time, allowing you to battle friends or strangers from around the world.

    Block Types

    There are 6 types of blocks in Planet Puzzle League: green, yellow, red, blue, purple, and a grey surprise box. There are also 7 different styles of blocks to choose from, including the classic Tetris Attack / Pokemon Puzzle League style.

    Item Blocks

    Another new addition to the series is item blocks. These are only available in versus mode and online mode, and can be turned on or off. you activate item blocks by clearing them in a set of blocks that are the same color of the item block.

    • Fever: All of your cleared blocks will count as part of a chain.
    • Tri-Color: All of your blocks will turn red, blue or green.
    • Reflect: All of your garbage will be sent to your opponent.
    • Twitch: Your opponent's blocks will shuffle for a short time.
    • Paralyze: one row of your opponents screen will be immobilized for a short time.
    • Fog: One part of your opponents field will turn into gray, unclear-able blocks for a short time.



    A combo is when you clear four or more blocks at once. Some combos can clear two sets of different colored blocks at once.


    Chaining occurs when you clear a set of blocks that causes another set of blocks to drop and clear. Active chaining is a more advanced form of chaining where you are moving a block while other blocks are being cleared, causing that block to fall and clear another set of blocks. Active chaining is a great way to get a lot of points and is very useful in multiplayer battles.


    Doing combos and chains in a Garbage Battle will send garbage to your opponents screen. Garbage are big blocks that take up space on the screen and is the key way to win a battle. The more chains and combos you can do successively, the thicker garbage will be. clearing 3 or more grey surprise blocks will send metal garbage to your opponent.

    In order to clear garbage, you must clear a set of blocks that is touching the garbage. If the garbage is cleared, it will turn into useable blocks. if you clear a set of blocks over garbage that is more than two layers thick, only the bottom layer will turn into blocks.

    Game Modes

    Single Player

    There are 6 different types of single player modes:

    Endless: Keep playing until the game ends.

    Clear: Clear a number of lines on each stage to advance to the next.

    Garbage Challenge: clear as much garbage as you can for a high score.

    Vs. Computer: Battle against the computer.

    Time Attack: Play one of three different timed games. Each game is 2 minutes long.

    Score Attack: Score as many points as you can.

    Lift Attack: See how high you can lift the stack.

    Garbage Attack: Try to clear as much garbage.

    Puzzle: Clear all the blocks in each stage only using a certain amount of moves.

    Daily Play

    Daily play is a timed game mode that tracks your progress each day through 3 different modes (Score Attack, Lift Attack, and Garbage Attack).

    Online Mode

    Online Mode lets you play against people from across the world in 3 different modes (Garbage, Clear, and Score Attack).


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