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    Games based on the popular adult magazine.

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    Playboy has taken many different video game forms, all based on the famous magazine. These games usually include incredibly hot women (some cover girls) and Hugh Hefner. Usually, playboy games can be split into two categories: Pinball machines and photography games that take certain elements from the Sims. 

    Pinball Era

    The Playboy pinball machines are set up in such a way that reflects the lifestyle and hot girls found in Playboy. Playboy was known for turning pornography into something classy that high end business men could consume without shame. It was seen as more as men's entertainment than anything else.  
    The art on the pinball machines embraced this lifestyle that was being conveyed by the magazine. Fast cars and business men in tuxedos (some could say that these men looked liked Roger Moore's James Bond) are surrounded by hot women, some in bunny suits. The missions in the pinball game required you to do such things as collect bunny icons and playmates. 
    The images on the table were interchangeable between nude and censored pics. 

    PS2 and PC Era

    Playboy made its way to major consoles and PC in 2005 under the name of Playboy: The Mansion. The game put you in the shoees of Hef himself as he manages his Playboy empire. Basically, you must take pictures of playmates for the magazine and organize the famous Playboy parties.  
    Expansions were released, but only on the PC because of sexual content and nudity.

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