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Examples of Playing Dead

Dead Space series

A necromorph playing dead
A necromorph playing dead

The zombie-like creatures, called Necromorphs, are intelligent enough to try and catch the player off guard by pretending to be dead, then striking when the player is close enough. This is often used as a jump scare.

Metal Gear Solid

Solid Snake is taken prisoner amidst the story, and one such method he can use to escape is to feign death. After being given a bottle of tomato ketchup by Otacon, Snake can then lie prone and use the ketchup to make it appear that he has bled to death. This would then alert the guard to investigate, providing an opportunity for the player to make their escape.

Metal Gear Solid 3

Snake has access to a fake death pill, that when taken will allow him to temporarily 'die', thereby shaking off the attention of any guards. However the player only has a limited amount of time to then use the 'revival' pill, otherwise Snake will die for good and the player must continue from a checkpoint.

Metal Gear Solid 4

A new feature for Snake in MGS4 is being able to play dead at any time. While he doesn't have access to ketchup, he can at least lie completely flat on the ground to imitate the appearance of a corpse. This can be most effective during the first two chapters to where there are two warring AI factions shooting at one another. This action also gives Snake an extra boost to his camouflage rating even more so than if he were regularly lying prone on the ground.

Resident Evil: Outbreak series

One of the main playable characters, Jim Chapman, has the unique ability to play dead. This entails him immediately falling flat to the floor, removing all attention from attacking enemies. However whilst playing dead Jim's infection rate will rapidly increase.


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