I just bought my first PS3 game over the Xbox :(

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I have to say that I have been a big, big, big Xbox fan over the last ten years almost fan boy status. The only difference is this, unlike a fan boy, I would still like my PS2 and PS3 only for exclusive titles. If the game was on the Xbox 360 I would get it on that console no matter what, I love Xbox live, I love achievements and I love that 99% of my friends/family have the 360. However, lately I have been playing a lot of games on my PS3 because they are exclusive to that system whether it's Uncharted or games only found on the PSN. If you look at my trophies you can seriously see how little I actually play the damn thing compared to my Xbox 360. I even put the system in my room for Netflix, Blu ray and as a server for our "Yar!!" Tv shows... (if you catch my drift).

I have found myself spending more time in my room lately though, so I can watch more videos from Giant bomb while playing games or talk with my friends on the computer. Okay, here is the point.... Resident Evil CV is something I have always wanted to play and I knew I was going to buy it and my first choice of course was going to be the 360 but then I started to think well shit I don't want to be in the living room ( I can't move the Xbox because I am hurt and can't lift my big ass flat screen it's mounted on a unit which makes it impossible to unhook unless I lift it, damn my cripple ass) because of my roommates new dog, plus it's cold in there. The thought of not having achievements was sad but I think they are doing a better job with the trophies and Giant Bomb is working on the tracking for it so I said screw it.

After I made my choice I started to notice some other things I enjoy on the PS3 right now and it's little things like on Live you can rate a game which is pretty pointless but I liked when I did it with the PS3 because it actually showed the number of ratings go up which it doesn't for Live (again I know it's silly) but it's little details that make me happy. I like how Sony is starting to release PS2 games to download, but Xbox quit on that after I bought some games. I like the menu that Sony uses to go through your shit, even the store is nicely done and quick.

I feel that my laziness has opened my eyes up to a system that has honestly has just been collecting dust in my room for the most part... I might even change my color from green to blue on the site.... It's crazy I never thought I would ever buy a non exclusive and here I am thinking about my next purchase. Like I said before I wasn't a complete fan boy but I knew which section of the Game store I would go to first and I am afraid that might be changing. I just wanted to share this revelation with yall.

To add to this maybe yall could recommend some other games for me PS3,PS2,PS1 (1 and 2 from the store).

Uncharted 1,2,3. Heavy Rain, God of War, Valkryia Chronicles and Arc the lad 1,2,3 are pretty much the only games I have played on it since I never really check out the reviews on anything is there something I missed that is an exclusive?

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@StarvingGamer: Thanks a lot there are at least four games on that list I am not familiar with so thanks

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IDK, is seems to me you are in grave danger of Play Station Plus, being already conditioned by that for Xbox gold, and...god forbid,...PLAYSTATION HOME! You know you always wanted to..

This story amused me because it's really seems an honest tale of the travails of changing focus in a life defining way and what it entails,. You know you are slipping when you are motivated to change the background color

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I'd like to point out that Motorstorm Apocalypse wasn't anywhere near as good as Motorstorm Pacific Rift. LBP2 is way better than LBP1. Killzone 2 and 3 are pretty much the same. If you are into baseball MLB The Show is by far better than the 2K game every year and since 2K lose 30mil on it every year they won't spend the money to improve it.

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I too made the transition between the consoles, mainly because my 20GB hard drive are 16 GB memory stick for my xbox 360 are both full while I've got plenty of room in the PS3's 250GB hard drive and the PS3 got cloud saves first.

Also I think Ring of Red got released on PSN in America (still waiting here in the UK), its a good SRPG.

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@bybeach: Haha, I actually bought PS+ a few days ago.... I am a sucker for shit.

@mosespippy: You lost me at Baseball bro :)

@AmatureIdiot: Yeah, Ring of red is on there.. is it good? I'll have to check it out I had no idea it was a SRPG which happens to be my favorite genre. In fact I am uploading a video on youtube right now of a boss fight I just did in Arc the lad 2 I think I'll post it on a blog here just because I was amused by the fight since it involved a giant ass boss when all I have been fighting is weak little dudes this whole time.

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@EightBitShik: I really enjoyed it when I played it when the PS2 came out. I played the first couple of hours this year and I think the gameplay stood up, its got a fire emblem style overmap with cool aiming/range mechanics mixed with light infantry stuff when the actually mechs fight. Its also got a MGS:PW esque soldier collection stuff and I still think the WWII with mechs aesthetic still is pretty cool.

However the graphics are launch PS2 quality and the story is apparently a bit garbled in translation (to be honest I can't remember the the story much).

Overall, I'd give it a go if you like SRPGs.

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I never understood why achievements were/are such a big deal.

They're fun to collect, but to purposefully go out of your way to play a game that plays better on a system you already own for virtual points?

And *Squeel* Ring of Red is -AWESOME-. The graphics are pretty bad, they were for a launch game compared to the Dreamcast, but the game is -awesome-.

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@Zelyre: Honestly I have never found a game on the PS3 to be better so that wouldn't apply here. I'd just rather have achievements but if I felt that the game was better I would of bought it on another system it's just an extra bonus.

@AmatureIdiot: Do you know if it plays like Operation Darkness? I want to like that game but I just have a hard time with the combat. I get my ass shot up way too easily. It talks about how you can take cover but then I can't shoot anyone -_-.

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@EightBitShik: The best way to describe the gameplay is like front mission with interactive combat between the mechs, anyway here's a video the real early game, its before many of the mechanics are introduced (like commanding the infantry, range and special attacks) but gives a feel of the gamplay.

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