Thoughts on the map editor so far.

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  I decided to a little vlog about the new Portal 2 map editor.  
My current thoughts on it is that it's a really amazing tool, but it doesn't quite have everything that it really should. I really hope (and assume) that Valve will update it with more items, diagonal surfaces, doors, lights, and so on. I haven't tried decompiling a map that I've made in the editor in Hammer yet, but I'll probably get around to it eventually. 

 So what are you guys' opinions on the map editor so far? Too simple? Too complex?
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Great video, I think we say pretty much the same thing about it! I'm sure you can do more advanced stuff with it, because the map I show in the second part of my video has some crazy stuff going on.


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It's pretty awesome. I'm not a going to create maps, so this doesn't really interest me. I'm mostly just looking forward to playing all of the great maps created by the community.

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It's pound for pound the best editor ever made for an FPS (I know, I know) Not the most powerful, by any stretch, but the accessibility to power ratio is great

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Lolwut. Your reactions are crazy. This map editor is essentially a console version of a map editor. Which means it has no depth. And I'm essentially a console player. The editor isn't great. Also, most of the levels you all download aren't from that official editor. It's the hammer editor. Just sayin

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I think the Editor is pretty great, simple but effective.

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I think it's pretty good so far, sure it's limited, but I'm sure they will build upon it in the future by adding new features and assets. I just wish it was a little more optimised, there's only a build all function, when you have to change just one thing and wait for the entire chamber to be built is a little annoying.

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Not enough 1-1 yet.

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I think that most laudable thing about the editor is that it's simple. More items would be nice, but I don't want them to muddle the message; anyone should be able to make a clean functional Portal level without much effort and almost no concern for theming. Dialogue cues wouldn't really make sense in the story context they've built around the feature.

If there is one thing I'd like to see, it would be a way to try out changes in game view without needing to recalculate all the light maps, environment maps, etc. A flat shaded blue-print style render like the one demonstrated in edit mode would be great. Or simply an option to forego baking textures when you're just moving a cube on panel over.

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