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    Power Moon

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    The most important collectible in Super Mario Odyssey. This item serves the same function that Power Stars did in Super Mario 64.

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    Previous 3D Mario platformers asked players to select a mission when entering a level, each of which awarded a Power Star or Shine Sprite when they completed the objective for that mission. After collecting the item, players would be ejected to the hub world. Objectives included finding all of a certain type of collectible, reaching a location in the level, or defeating a boss. Super Mario Odyssey restructures the game format by refraining from asking players to pick a mission when they enter a level. Although levels do have a set of mainline missions that unlock when the previous is completed and do award Moons, the games now refocus to challenges scattered throughout the levels which give up Moons when completed.

    Unlike Stars or Shine Sprites, Moons do not eject players from levels when collected. As Mario collects more Moons, his ship, the Odyssey, has its sails restored, allowing him to reach new areas. Each area has a unique Moon color. The game also allows the player to access a list of all Moons they have collected and to pay Toad for hints on where to find more Moons.


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