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The authors of this game should be beaten up with a rusty pipe


The authors of Prince of Persia:The Forgotten Sands should be beaten up with a rusty pipe. Why? Because the PoP:TFS is an insult to the usually pretty good Prince of Persia series!

We (the gaming population) expected this game to be at least alright,but the end result is something horrible...TFS was supposed to return the Prince to his root and make him agile and stuff like that again,but why make dumb stuff up when in the Sands of Time continuum (which is the continuum this game takes place in) the highest grossing game was “Warrior Within“,while TFS goes back to the old as hell game mechanics that definetly won't get any ooh's or aah's!

The “new“ mechanics are just based on jumping and climbing. Yea,80 % of the game you will spend climbing! That would be OK if the controls were good,and if the game had some cool new elements of gameplay!

But no,just as always the controls suck,so many times you will,instead of jumping somewhere where you can land,you will fall to your doom....

Yes,every fall from a larger height means death. Yeah,there is no more Elika so...Ye know....Your dead as soon as you fall L ! OK,so eventually you get the option of reverting time,but that is limited! That's just bullshit!

The special shittyness is shown in the entry parts of the levels,where the camera,during combat, shows you the spot you are supposed to get WHILE FUCKING FIGHTING! What the fuck? And not only that,but there is no other way to tell where you need to go,and how to get there! Oftenly you will be asking yourself “Where the fuck do i go next“?

You would expect a reward for solving all these puzzles,but no,instead you dumber and shittier and more boring puzzles!   However the worst is yet to come-PoP:TFS is extremely repetitive! Hours upon hours you will go through almost the same levels!

The level design sucks,even in a purely graphic perspective. The levels are non-stop brown and grey,i mean fucking Rogue Warrior has more goddamn color! Because of this,you never get the feeling of advancing and unlocking something new!

Not only that but the new engine makes scenes that look like the ones i seen from the Prince on the PlayStation 2!

The battle system seems like its just in there just because! When the battle sequences start you have around 2-3 moves which you will repeat,repeat and repeat! Defeating the bosses is just the standard   button-mashing.

And when the battle ends you get some more jumping and climbing. Surprised,right? Who can even in enjoy in this shit?

I mean the game just seems so old and its just so shitty i can help but give it a shitty score-a   +2/5

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