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The best Transformers game in the last 10-ish years


This is probably the best Transformers game in the last 10-ish years. No,its not based on any of the movies,but the authors made their own stories for the game,with help from Hasbro. As the name suggests all of the battle go on a robot planed Cybertron!

Anyway,Megatron wants to get the Dark Energon,and use it to destroy the Autobots once and for all. The story is told through 2 campaigns-Decepticon and Autobot,and the Autobot campaign is tied to the Decepticon campaign,which is cool idea because there is no revisiting old locations and there is no stupid parallel plots.

The level design is somewhat boring,because there is little color,and its all going on in the same techno vibe. Also,the feeling of being huge is lost,since there are no people here. However,this is all excused by the best thing in any good game-gamplay.

First of all the action is non-stop,which is fucking awesome. The game almost has no empty walk (which is walking from point a to point b with no action or anything just walking). But no,the enemies do NOT respawn.

Also,the special powers and weapons are specific for every individual robot,though you can also pick up big guns from fallen foes and allies. You can even unscrew some turrets and go around with them,which isn't impressive anymore,because it was already done to death after Far Cry Instincts,but its still neat!

Still,the most important (And fun) part is that the game keeps it simple. Because of this jumping is a true joy! And no,there are no dumb jumping puzzles,or empty running,or turning on some cheesy-ass generators...No,its all GONE.

You will never get lost because the levels are linear,but at the same time,not to limited. Finally,there is the freedom of transformation. Yes,you can transform anywhere anytime,without spending some energy,because there is no energy (woooooooooooooooooo)!

The best part is that the controls are great so all of this transforming locking on to targets and stuff like that,is simple and fluid. There is another nice element added in. You never have too much ammo,so you have to save it.

I like this too,because it gives the game some tactics and thinking. Its all really fun. Still,the new transformers kick a lot on the production level,and there transforming is a little bit slower than in the last game.

The Unreal 3 graphics are pretty,but not spectacular. The game doesn't have any sophisticated cut-scene animations,most dialogue is just text,and finally,the game doesn't bring anything new to table.This isn't a game where you will find yourself saying „wow“ a lot,but it isn't meant to be such a game,it was ment to be an afternoon shooting fest and that's pretty much it.

So,to conclude,if you like the transformers,you will certainly like this game,so it gets a 3.5 out of 5.

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