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Personal Favourites

The games I love. Now with descriptions!

These aren't in a specific order, just randomly listed.%26nbsp%3B

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  • Where do I start? The setting, the music, the characters, the story, the voice talent, the missions... everything was superb. I've loved the GTA games ever since the first one on the PC, and for me this stands out as the greatest GTA title ever made. In fact, I could say it's my favourite game of all time, but there are many I feel just as much love for.

  • I've always played first person shooters for the story (and of course the shooting of dudes/aliens/etc.), and I never liked playing them online for a number of reasons. Half-Life 2's had a seamless narrative%3B gameplay was never interrupted with cut scenes, and yet it still managed to tell a great story of humanity's struggle with hostile alien takeover. Another great feature was the impressive physics engine, and that unforgettable gravity gun.

  • This game could have been a Saturday morning cartoon. It definitely made me feel like a kid again, waking up early on weekends to catch all the crazy adventures the characters would get themselves into. Very few games can pull that off, and when they do you simply love it.

  • Speaking of games that make you feel like a kid again, we have LBP. I remember reading about it in a magazine in mid-2008, and being impressed by its premise and style. But I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I finally bought a PS3 and got this as my first game for it. I was wowed by all the pretty colours, fantastic levels and tons of different hats, costumes, accessories and stickers to collect and share with friends. If I could draw you a picture of what I look like when playing, I'd have rainbows coming out of my eyes, ears and mouth.

  • In the run up to its release, this game looked absolutely spectacular. You can't go wrong with Keita Takahashi, creator of Katamari and all-round cool dude. I just couldn't wait for the 19th of February, and when I finally bought it and started it up, I was speechless. Like many others I exclaimed "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WHAT AM I DOING OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN". But it wasn't in frustration. I was laughing in amazement at the madness unfolding before me, and not even the questionable camera controls got in the way of my fun. Boy, Girl, the Fairy, the House, and of course, the Space Squirrel were all vital ingredients in this concoction of insanity served up to be enjoyed by all, proving one universal fact: we don't need drugs. Then there's the whole collaboration aspect, where all the players from around the world uploaded their stretched length to help Girl reach across the galaxy. It's a thing of beauty that truly unites us all as earthlings.

    Hands down, my favourite downloadable title of all time.