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I guess it's sunk cost. No need to torture myself over what are effectively phantasms.

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Gameboy Advance: What are my options?

How Game Boy Advances were born (although if you get GBAs wet, they just die).
How Game Boy Advances were born (although if you get GBAs wet, they just die).
This is a call on those in the know to help out some random person on the internet. 

Let's say I live in [Europe] and let's say that I have a ton of old Game Boy Advance games I'd like to start playing again.  What are my options?

Since the new DS doesn't have a GBA port, I would have to buy one of the older DS systems to play the GBA games.

A while back I had a Gamecube, with a GBA adapter that I used to play GBA games on the big screen.  Anyone think the Wii will have such an adapter some day in the future? Because that's another possibility.

The Game Boy Advance itself is pretty hard to find, I imagine, but does anyone know if that's still a viable option?  Or are most GBAs junk now?  Which is better, the older one or the flip-top one?

Can the DS itself be played by plugging it into the wall, or do you have to play using the batteries?  I have no idea, since I've never actually owned a portable console before.

Finally, anyone have any hardware they want to unload?

(an aside: try entering the game boy advance in the subject tags section and see how far you get).