Star Raiders After

Yeah, not much similarity there. It had energy depletion, I guess. Starbases.

I mean, it might be a decent shooter, but it looked a bit flat to me. Liked the big ship designs, liked the references for what they were (Solaris was the intended sequel to Star Raiders, so that's where that name comes from, and even the original game had the Atarian federation or whatever).

I want to just write up my idea for what I think would be a step up from the old (Atari 400/800, released in '79) game, sacrificing none of its lean efficiency or challenge but making the sim part of it make a bit more sense and keeping it accessible while not actually changing the frigging formula. Maybe later.

Usually I don't care too much if someone makes a game based on some old property, or at least I try to tell myself that. There have been some great retro remakes, especially of the older arcade games ( Pac Man and Space Invaders spring to mind), but they managed to take some kernel of those old games and translate them into something that still works, rather than try to coast on the name.

And they're right, it's weird to go after a niche title and not appeal to that niche crowd that still remembers it.