RPGs that Tried Something Different (Even If It Didn't Work Out Financially)

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  • Someone needs to emulate this kind of engine in a new game.

  • Cool combat, cool story, neat way to vary the story and mechanics upon replaying.

  • I only played the demo, so I couldn't tell how deep the game got, but I loved the ugliness of combat and the sense of doom that must have hung over people's heads when charging into combat back before you could reliably pick someone off at range. That, and it's fun to shoot people with arrows, too.

  • The dialog, maybe? Every MMO is different de-facto, otherwise someone gets sued. In a way Bioware tried new things, having companions and strong solo content, but they played it very safe in other ways. Makes for a weird mix. I'm not sure how they're doing financially speaking, but recent behavior suggests a shortfall.


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Mount & Blade's combat doesn't get awfully deep. But they get huge. If you play properly and sort of RP a little bit, the sense of dread gets huuuuuuge. I often do it so they all go into a line formation, and then have them move forward 10 paces and stop, and repeat. It looks so very good.

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@Murdouken: :) I liked that combat was lethal, and that you were just one person in a big group, so that you had to be smart about who you went after and what to do when you got there.