Ryan Davis: King Of The Driveway

Ryan always knew how to wring a smile out of you, whether you knew it or not. He had this infectious exuberance that he brought to everything he did. This is one of the reasons I admired him so much, because no matter what he was doing he always seemed like he was having a blast at the time. From playing games to making connections with millions of strangers through the power of his voice and his presence, I feel like Ryan was able to reach out and plant himself firmly into our hearts.

I was extremely lucky I had the chance to meet Ryan Davis once. It was during the Whiskey Media days and I didn't have the nerve to approach him. Drew was very gracious enough to bring me over to Ryan and break the ice.Ryan had no doubt been working all day and no doubt was exhausted by hosting the weekly Friday live show. Nevertheless he found time to ask my name and pose for photo, always willing to meet a fan of the site.

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I take some solace that in looking for a picture of Ryan smiling, I merely had to go to the Jeff Gerstmann page where there is a literal flood of Ryan and Jeff having good times. In this hyper connected age it is a blessing that the numerous great times that Giant Bomb have had are commemorated and available.

There are several reasons why I grew so fond of Ryan Davis, but I think one image really encapsulates the spirit of how he lived his life.

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Loving every minute of it, making everything him around him glimmer with excitement and brilliant.

The world is far less charmingly garrulous now and we are nothing but poorer for it. However, I will take comfort in a simple irrefutable truth.

The fact that we love Ryan Davis and that Ryan Davis loved you.


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