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anbumakura: Best of 2010

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  • Just an overall stunning game that you never want to put down. A super polished and entertaining game all around. The first game was the reason I bought a 360 and Mass Effect 2 is a giant leap up from ME1.

  • I have loved the Assassin's Creed games since the beginning. Yes, I even loved the super repetitive first one. This series has continued to improve with each iteration, and Brotherhood clearly shows the work that they put into it. If anyone who has played these games thought to skip over Brotherhood because it's a side story or mostly focused on the multiplayer, they should definitely not pass it up.

  • The original StarCraft was probably my favorite game of the 90's. I just love the way the game plays, and it was my favorite RTS of all time for about 10 years. Then the sequel came out and just blew me away. It looks great and plays even better.

  • I've probably put more hours into Rock Band 2 than any other game this year, and Rock Band 3 probably takes second place. I love this series, and Rock Band 3 is the best yet, sporting major improvements that make it even better than ever.

  • I'll say it right now. I haven't beat Red Dead Redemption yet. I haven't even made it to Mexico, but I'm almost there. I've heard the ending of the game is great, and if I got farther it would probably be farther up my list. However, even with the little bit I've played, I feel Red Dead still deserves the 5th spot on my list.

  • Costume Quest is amazing. I love Double Fine's sense of humor, and the feeling you get playing the game is sheer joy. Seeing childhood fantasies of actually being what you're dressed up as for Halloween and the simple but fun battle system made this my favorite downloadable game of the year. Also, the Statue of Liberty's ability is amazing.

  • The Halo games have never been my favorite shooters. I enjoy them enough when playing Co-Op with my brother, but the story never really stuck with me, and I just never liked the controls as much as other shooters. Most of those problems never really occurred to me as I played Reach however, it was an amazing experience that I'll probably go back to a couple more times throughout 2011.

  • Another game I haven't beat yet, as I just got it for Christmas, but it's still terrific. Yes, as everyone knows, it's super buggy, but I haven't run into anything game breaking, and the improvements over the already superb Fallout 3 make it that much more enjoyable.

  • Darksiders was a game I knew just about nothing about coming up to its release, but when I saw the glowing reviews and the terrific word of mouth the game was receiving, I knew I had to pick it up. It is a total blast and a great showing of how great games can be when they take the best parts of great games and put them together into one awesome package.

  • Definitely the best DS game of the year, and like Jeff, it went into my DS and never really came back out. The puzzles are terrific, and the animations you get when you complete the puzzle really help to show you what it is you built. It's a very satisfying game to play and listen to the terrific music.