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E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

These are the games that have me excited for gaming in the coming year.

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  • I love Rock Band. New keyboards and pro mode instruments? Yes, please!

  • I loved the concept of the first game, and if the controls really are fixed, then I may get farther in this game than the title screen.

  • More Assassin's Creed is never a bad thing and the multiplayer actually seems like it could be something new and interesting for me to play.

  • New Zelda. That's about all it takes to interest me in this, and the Motion Plus combat seems pretty solid too, as long as you don't have interference.

  • I've recently become really interested in the Deus Ex games and bought the first two off Steam. The RPG/shooter combination really seems cool.

  • I loved Guerrilla and I hope that this one will continue the awesomeness while taking it underground.

  • I have fond memories of playing the first few with my friend back in fifth grade, and this one really hits my nostalgia bone.

  • That leaked MK video really got my interest back into Mortal Kombat and this one looks to be a really good return-to-form.

  • I don't have a PS3, but inFAMOUS was one of the games that really makes me want to get one, and with the announcement of the sequel, I may finally have to pick one up this Christmas.

  • Portal. 2. Need I say more?

  • This looks like a really interesting Wii game, and something that may make me finally turn my Wii on over my 360.

  • I haven't really played a Kirby game ever and this seems to be the perfect chance to play one. The art style is really amazing too.

  • From what I've heard from Jeff on the Bombcast, this game seems to be pretty promising. And I love pirates.

  • Not necessarily something I want to play, but the idea of it is really exciting to me.

  • I haven't played too much of the series before, but I've always wanted to and this looks pretty freaking awesome.

  • Looks awesome and crazy. Can't wait for it to finally get released

  • Seems like an interesting concept that could turn out cool. I'm interested to find out more at least.

  • It's not a game, but damn do I want one.