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My DS Games

Here's the list of all the DS games I own.  I really need to either play them more, or stop buying myself new ones I'll never finish.

List items

  • Let's start off with one I've played very little of. I got it more for my brother who was a big fan of the original, and he's played it a lot. I liked the GameCube version and played quite a bit of it, but for some reason never got into Wild World.

  • I loved AC 1, so when I saw this, I was immediately thinking "Awesome! More Assassin's Creed!" Turns out, not so awesome. I have not been able to push myself to play more of this game, even for the story. It's just not worth it.

  • I never had an SNES, so this was my first time playing Chrono Trigger. It is awesome and totally lived up to the hype. It really is one of the prime examples of an RPG done right. Now I just need to get over my inability to actually complete RPGs...

  • Awesome rhythm game that not enough people bought. It's all your guys' fault that I don't have another one yet. If you own a DS and didn't buy this, you should be ashamed.

  • An awesome RPG hindered by the fact that my DSi's R button has stopped working. I'd need to go back to my Lite to continue, but I don't know where the charger is. Someday I'll come back and save you Peach. Someday.

  • I wanted to learn how to speak Japanese. I also was an idiot. There are easier and cheaper ways to learn than this. My retention of the lessons was pretty terrible too. About all I remember is 'hajimemashite.'

  • I got this for my brother for his birthday last year. I've barely seen it myself since then.

  • This one made me kind of sad. I was at GameStop and saw a used copy of the original in a bin. I took it to the register and bought it. Unfortunately, when I got home I realized that the copy they gave me was Justice for All. But instead of bringing it back, I continued with it and enjoyed one of the best DS games out there.

  • Following tradition, I got myself a copy of Pokémon Diamond. Me and my brother always get the new games and I always get the one with the cool color (blue, silver, etc...) and he always gets the warm color. I wasn't looking forward to it too much from the stupid Pokémon they introduced (I'm looking at you Bidoof), but it turned out to be an awesome game anyways. I'll never doubt them again.

  • I don't know why, but I always feel the need to get the new Pokémon game. It's partly the fact that they are all awesome RPGs for my DS, but there's something else... I can't put my finger on it.

  • I loved the original Gold/Silver, but not as much as everyone else seems to have. I got SoulSilver, keeping with my sibling tradition (see Pokémon Diamond/Pearl). You know what? It's still awesome. P.S. Pokéwalker rocks!

  • I got most of the way through the game, never using any hints and only once skipping a puzzle (it was one of those stupid sliding image puzzles that I just suck at) and was almost done when... my brother accidentally overwrote my game. I haven't yet gone back to it, but I mean to some day!

  • Like many other people, I was really hyped for this game and actually put off buying Bowser's Inside Story to get this first. Unfortunately, the most fun I had with Scribblenauts was the title screen. But that title screen is pretty damn entertaining.

  • An awesome RPG for the DS. If you consider yourself an RPG fan, you owe it to yourself to go out and buy this right now. Unless you already have, in which case... good for you.