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GOTY 2013

So here we go! It's incomplete atm, I still wanna finish Knock Knock and there has to be something else new I can put instead of Don't Starve and Mercenary Kings

I didn't play a lot of games because I am poor woe is me woe is me. My favorite trend of 2013 is steam trading cards because I bought Tomb Raider from them.

List items

  • It's fantastic. The gameplay is more streamlined without losing much of it's complexity. The monarch points system makes you make tough choices. Most of the new stuff they added is great, and all the old stuff that's still there is also great. The first full playthrough I had of turning Oman from a small nation in the bottom of the Arabic Penisula into one bigger than Saudi Arabia and regularly kicking both Egypt and Turkey's asses in wars is a great memory.

  • The twist is sooooo fucking great. UNF. The gameplay is more complex without losing the fantastic thwack sound, the music is great, the art is phenomenal as always. THAT TWIST is what makes it number 2 instead of Tomb Raider though!

  • It just plays really well, probably my favorite playing game besides EU4. Story is rote, but it's still affecting, the graphics are really nice, the voice acting is fantastic.

  • It's affecting, it does well in both a gameplay sense and the message it's trying to convey, and goddamn, Jorji you are a national hero.

  • This should really be episode one: Learning to Manage Chaos but I'll change that eventually. It's a really unique concept, there isn't much choice but the choice you do get is profound, it's good at painting the world without lots of expository dialogue. The music is great as well as the art style. The best Visual Novel of 2013!

  • Honestly, this is here because that ending is fucking great. I like the art style (hell yeah) and the puzzles (kinda) but that ending was so fucking stupid and great.

  • It was good, just not great. Soundtrack is the only thing that really stands out. When will people get really nostalgic about the 90's???

  • Ugh this game is really creepy

  • This game fucking sucks but I played it way too much so here

  • Maybe you will stay on this list, or maybe I'll just put Crusader Kings 2 because of The Old Gods. TIME WILL TELL