GOTY 2017

Hey there cool teens. With the end of the year somewhere upon us, I figured I could write a little list of the games I thought were good this year. Feel free to look at my requisite blog for details, if you so desire.

List items

  • Alright, spoiler time: Nioh is going to be ranked pretty highly. It's probably one of the most satisfying action games I've played, and is far more than just a Dark Souls imitator.

  • Another reminder that when Nintendo actually tries and brings their A-Game, they're hard to beat.

  • They managed to make a new, good System Shock game. What?

  • It's fair to say that I have a weakness for "Crazy Japanese Shit" and Nier Automata is all of that. The gameplay might wear out its welcome by the end, but Yoko Taro is now a name I am more than willing to pay attention to.

  • Because there's no separate page for the War of the Chosen expansion. Said expansion fixes a lot of my issues with XCOM 2 and makes it a bigger, better game overall. Which is good, since XCOM 2 was already good.

  • I might have some gripes with certain parts of Persona 5's plot, but as a whole I think it's pretty faaaaantastic.

  • I got my new avatar from this game, so it's fair to say I liked it a lot. Or at least that I thought the art style was very good.

  • Listen, it's free on Steam. If you have any vague interest in anime or visual novels, maybe even if you don't, you should consider playing this. It's CRAZY. I'm not one for barely-interactive 2-3 hour experiences showing up on these sorts of lists, but this will probably be an exception.

  • They managed to make a new-alright, you get the joke. It's more Etrian Odyssey. It's not quite as good as Etrian Odyssey IV, but it's still 100% shameless comfort food.

  • They managed to make a new, good Resident Evil game. What?