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Understanding the beauty of Grand Theft Auto V, and games in general

A few months back I'd written a blog post discussing the reasons why I loved GTA V, quoting the game world as one of the biggest factors that kept pulling me back. (Read that blog here) The living, breathing world of Los Santos (as long as you're willing to play along and maintain the illusion at least) I observed, can offer moments and experiences unlike anything I've seen before - video games or even otherwise.

What creates this experience is the amount of detail put in every tiny area and aspect of the world, coupled with the size and scope of the game world, ranging across different land forms and atmospheres. Each area has its own vibe, and the contrasts of different places at different times is something that you'd only expect in real life.

My favorite experience remains cruising down the highway in a good car while listening to something like Radio Mirror Park, at night. It disconnects you enough from the game world to make it seem even more real. For all you know, all the cars passing by actually do have real people within them, leading their own lives. It's a beautiful, surreal experience.

But what is it that makes the whole experience feel specifically beautiful? I suggested that it might have to do with how not only does the game resemble real life, but life itself shares aspects with a simulation, about how our brain is the vehicle that is used to perceive both experiences, real life or simulation. And if the game is realistic enough, it can bring forth the same hormonal reactions from our body that a corresponding event in the real life would.

I still felt that I had more to say though, and realized that I wanted to show what I was talking about - which inspired me to make a video for it. Check it out here, and let me know what your thoughts are about this topic!

Also, HUGE thanks to @bigdaveischeap for providing the excellent narration. Wouldn't have been the same without the magic of his voice!