Witcher 3!!!!! :O

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Best of 2017

Here's my personal list for this great year! Just bought myself a PS4 so ended up catching up on previous titles instead of playing new games. So... this list is only 4 games long :/

List items

  • Great story, interesting characters and emotional delivery. This might've been my #1 even if I'd made a list of 10.

  • Only about 3-4 hours into this one, but I can already tell it's gonna be one of my all time favorites. It's got that PB magic!

  • Only a few hours into this one too, but I love the setting, mood and pace of this game. Living a normal (?) student life in Japan is bloody awesome.

  • When the combat begins to flow, the game can play like no other that I've played before. The story and music are great too. Only the open world is a kinda hollow and tends to get quite repetitive.