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@ripelivejam said:

Close enough that I can taste it. Alsomight fire up MHXX on Switch tonight in expectatio, even though it's cumbersome with the language barrier and not having muscle memory of MH gameplay (yet). Hope Capcom eventually pays a fan $5 to translate it for them.

The crazy part is that of course MHX was already translated as Monster Hunter Generations. Since MHXX is just the G-rank expansion, half the game is translated already.

But it's easy to see why they wouldn't want to do a release of a last-gen game that would distract attention away from their big next-gen game that's supposed to finally crack the western market. I would not be at all surprised to see MHXX get a western release six months to a year after World, when they're satisfied that World has achieved most of its western sales (no guarantee, but I really think this is the main factor stopping them). But until then, we'll just have to do without an English MHXX.

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@gukiguy said:

@atheistpreacher said:

Anyone have predictions of how he'll take to it? Love it, hate it, somewhere in between?

Well considering exists I'm honestly not expecting much.

But what about "New Dan"? :-D :-P

I dunno, I'm cautiously optimistic that he might actually get to a place where he at least gets the appeal of the core gameplay loop, now that he's got a group of people who will be pushing him along through the early parts. We shall see.

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@bollard said:

@atheistpreacher: Nice catch! I'm well behind on Steal My Sunshine. I hope one of those four have some experience with previous Monster Hunter games, as I'd love Dan to get way into it (seems like the perfect thing for him and his wife to play side by side, the game lends itself really well to learning with a friend).

Tim Turi has some experience:

Loading Video...

Plus, y'know, he now works for Capcom. :-D

Per this video, apparently Tim is a Hammer guy.

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Huh, well, this is neat news for those of us hoping for more Monster Hunter World coverage from Giant Bomb duders. At 56:14 of today's Steal My Sunshine - Episode 17, this exchange took place:

Dan: "I have to figure out what [platform] I'm playing Monster Hunter World on."

Alex: "That's not a sentence I ever expected to hear."

Abby: "Switch?"

Dan: "No, I wish it was on Switch. I've got a team of four that I'm definitely going to play with."

Abby: "It's a multiplayer game?"

Dan: "Oh yeah."

Alex: "Is Jason one of those people?"

Dan: "No. My wife, Tim Turi, and Ben Hanson. We're gonna all give it a shot."

I wonder if Dan might possibly coordinate schedules with Jason, Ben, and possibly Brad to play this thing together with them as well when it comes out. It certainly sounded like Jason was expecting to make it an ongoing feature with Ben. But at the very least I guess we can expect to hear Dan's take on the Beastcast. Anyone have predictions of how he'll take to it? Love it, hate it, somewhere in between?

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Capcom just streamed a live Monster Hunter World news event, apparently the last one planned before release. Lots of interesting stuff in it.

First, we got a new trailer:

Loading Video...

It reveals the return of elder dragons Teostra and Kushala Daora, the addition of two new monsters--one that looks like a zombie dragon and another that resembles Tetsucabra from previous games, but with blast element--as well as that Deviljho will be the first free DLC monster released in spring.

They also announced a third and final beta, which will run from Thursday the 18th at 6pm Pacific to Sunday the 21st at 6pm Pacific. It is again exclusive to PS4. This beta will include a fourth quest against the flagship monster Nergigante. They apparently shortened the quest timer for it to 15 minutes to make it really challenging. Like the other three quests, clearing it will give you a small pack of bonus items for the full game.

Gaijin Hunter did a pretty good breakdown of the whole event, if you're really looking for all the nitty gritty details. It's kinda long at 24 minutes, and a lot of it (especially near the end) is only relevant to Japan, but certainly give it a look if interested:

So, final beta only two weeks away, game only three weeks away. I can practically taste it. Gonna be awesome. I likely won't play much else for months.

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@seikenfreak: First, yes, the Lance sheathes more slowly than a lot of the other weapons, it's not just in your head. That is definitely one of its disadvantages for sure. Gotta have some drawback for otherwise being so strong defensively. Second, you mention the recovery time on the block being slow. This is definitely true for bigger hits, BUT that's actually something that gets mitigated by the "Guard" skill, which decreases/eliminates stagger from guarding, decreases stamina needed, and decreases/eliminates chip damage. Unfortunately it's not a skill that appears in the MHW Beta at all, but it's a staple skill for the Lance. You can get Guard+1 or Guard+2 in Tri.

In any case, cool that it sounds like you've gotten the feel of it in World. It may never be your go-to, everyone is different. I and the two guys I play Monster Hunter the most with were introducing another friend to the game during the last Beta period, and we all named our two favorite weapons for his reference... and there was no overlap for any of us. Six different weapons. That's because they're all so well-designed and balanced, and just cater to different tastes. I like the Lance and the Hammer. Sounds like you like the Hammer and are now having fun with the Lance, and are maybe still working out other possible back-ups. It pays to do a bit of research and a fair bit of screwing around with each weapon so you can figure out which ones really speak to you.

But yeah, I know what you mean about needing the full release. I initially thought that first Beta wasn't going to be nearly long enough to sate me at three days. But without gear to shoot for, it definitely gets kinda tiring, especially if you're soloing. Grouping up with friends in the Beta is still fun. But I don't see myself playing this round of Beta much more on my own. Need the full gameplay loop, rewards that matter, crafting. Gonna be torture waiting for this thing...

Rath talons in Tri... Hmm. Could be just the desire sensor withholding them from you, good ol' RNGesus. But if you're breaking both wings (I believe you need to break both to get a single break reward), you should have some by now, apparently it's a 70% drop for breaking both wings on a low-rank Rathalos or Rathian, and 15% chance each to instead get Webbing or Claws. Maybe you've only been breaking one wing? But yeah, as you've noticed, Lance pretty good at breaking rath wings, just use the high attack at their sides near the leg and you're golden. Also, if you're fighting Rathalos, remember to always bring flash bombs and flash him out of the sky when he's flying around. That'll cause him to tumble to the ground, where you can really smack him around for a while before he recovers.

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@seikenfreak: It's funny, as I mentioned above at some point, in playing this Beta I became very intrigued by the Hammer in a way I hadn't been before. When the full game releases I will probably be playing mostly Lance still, especially for tough fights as it's my most familiar weapon by far, but also looking forward to getting to know the Hammer better when I'm facing slightly easier foes.

But I want to give just a little insight into the Lance and Greatsword, since the former is my main and the latter has been my brother's main (although he plays more weapons than me). They might still not be for you, but I figure a few very general tips might help you appreciate them a little more.

So, Greatsword. You say it's "ungodly slow." Well, yes. But the thing you have to understand about the Greatsword is that if you're doing a lot of walking around with the weapon drawn, you're doing it wrong. Unlike most other weapons in the game, you're really supposed to always attack from the draw, then sheathe it after you do a big charged attack, then repeat. This is doubly true in all MH games prior to World, because you could get a skill that would make all "draw attacks" deal a critical hit automatically (if this skill is still in World, we haven't seen it). But the general idea is that you keep the mobility of having the weapon sheathed, wait for an opportunity for a big charged hit, then run in and do a draw attack. Also, keep in mind that you don't necessarily need to do a level 3 charged attack every time in World. I believe that the GS's new bread and butter 3-hit combo is actually most damage-efficient if you don't charge anything except the very final third hit of it. Not knowing all this, I can see why you'd prefer the Hammer, because it doesn't take as big a movement penalty with the weapon drawn, and the "charge-up" spinning attack still allows movement. But really, if you're playing the Greatsword the right way, it's very similar to the Hammer. This is why that training area is good for vets to screw around with, but bad for new hunters... they don't give you this kind of basic playstyle information.

Moving to the Lance. This is another weapon that is awfully slow when you have the weapon drawn. But this is mitigated by at least two things. First, by design it's a weapon with which you want to stay up in the monster's grill 100% of the time. You don't typically need to move that fast, because you just sit there next a monster and block (and counter) its attacks rather than trying to run away from it. And when it does get away from you, either by some running attack (like a Diablos charge, etc.) or because it went after another hunter who was far away, you can either just sheathe your weapon and follow (and re-engage with a draw attack), or use its charging attack, which lets you dash forward with your lance pointed in front of you, and is a great way to close distance. And as a bonus, you can end that charge with a jumping attack that can mount monsters, making it one of the few weapons with which you can mount a monster on flat ground (obviously the Insect Glaive is the best at that; also the Bow got a flat-ground mount attack for World as well, I believe). Anyway, that big shield makes the Lance just play very differently from a lot of the weapons, since almost everything else is built around dodging and looking for openings to run in and do damage. The Lance is kinda the opposite... you're supposed to be next to the monster all the time attacking relentlessly, while hiding behind that handy shield when needed. But while it's different from other weapons, it's actually one of the simpler ones to pick up when you put your mind to it. No weird meters or complicated combos to manage, just poking and guarding. Final note, sorta advanced I guess: after the third hit of your basic combo, you always want to either dodge or counter out of the animation, because cancelling out of it is way faster than waiting for the animation to end naturally.

As I said, I hope Capcom might actually include some goddamn tutorials that tell new players this stuff, but I'm not holding my breath. Probably we'll have to resort to referring folks to Gaijin Hunter's Youtube weapon tutorials again (or some other enterprising teacher).

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@seikenfreak: I think your observations are right on-point. The series has definitely been lacking in terms of polishing or evolving a lot of elements that should have seen growth a long time ago. I'm just glad we're finally getting a game on a home console that has been properly re-thought and a lot of the old hold-over design jettisoned.

I do also think, as you and many others have said, that the popularity of Dark Souls in the west has kinda weirdly paved the way for people to better understand a series like Monster Hunter in a way they wouldn't have been able to before, even though they're clearly very different games. But they're similar in their slower-paced, challenging combat.

No Caption Provided

Anyway, I wanted to respond to a few specific things you said. First, gukiguy mentioned trying out the Lance if you're having trouble with Barioth (although I see now from your edit that you're past him already). The larger point there is, of course, that certain weapons will be better for certain monsters. It's not hard to see why you'd have a tougher time with the Hammer--which is rather slow--against something that jumps around as much as Barioth does. So when you hit a wall you can always take the opportunity to just try a different weapon and another approach. Although I shouldn't talk too much here, because actually I main Lance and have rarely played anything else since I started playing the series in 2011. But if you main a weapon to that extent, you just have to be aware that it means that some monsters will be more difficult for you than for other people who are more adaptable.

Second, the potion "flex" and meat "rub tummy" thing. Yeah, that's always been a funny deal. The standard defense of it, which to a large extent I agree with, is that Capcom wanted to create a longer animation for those actions so that healing became tougher and more tactical. Being locked in like that, you had to really be sure to pick the right time to do it. But that was always balanced by the fact that you could just run to a different zone to do it. Now since going to another zone is no longer an option in World, they've found what I think is a great middle ground. You can still move around (albeit slowly) while drinking a potion, and can even dodge out of it, but at the cost of wasting a potion. I think that keeps the healing tactically interesting while at the same time not removing all control in terms of dodging stuff if you've made a mistake and the monster comes for you. Us veterans will probably remain a little nostalgic for the ridiculous flex animation, but really, this is a better way. It's just one of the many ways this game has evolved the series in the right direction.

Third, yes, the training area by itself is actually terrible at teaching you stuff, depressingly so. I hope that in the full game there will be something that's a little more like an actual tutorial, instead of just throwing you in a testing room without actually explaining any basics. But at the very least there should be a lot of people creating weapon guides again to make up for Capcom's tutorialization deficiencies.

But man am I ever looking forward to World's release. I'm so excited for it that I find it's actually decreasing my enthusiasm for and enjoyment of other games, because they're not Monster Hunter. It's kind of a problem. January 26th can't get here fast enough. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to screwing around with the Beta some more when it goes live again tomorrow.

I do hope that Jason and Ben (and possibly Brad) can turn playing it into an ongoing video series on the site. I asked Jason what the odds of that happening were during his Extra Life stream, and he said "Very good." Here's hoping, because I'd really enjoy watching the Giant Bomb crew get deep into this game.

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@bollard: I was certainly hoping I'd do well! Oh, the pressure of a stream! :-O

But I've been playing these games since MHFU on the PSP, so I was pretty sure I could make a decent showing. Even got all four of the "cards" at the end of the Anjanath mission, pretty pleased about that.

Lance main all the way! Pretty much all I've played during the past six years of the series. Although in playing this beta, I am now intrigued by the Hammer. Will probably go back and forth between the two for the full release.

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@mmoser565: Monster Hunter World has made a lot of quality of life changes, but the core of the game is very much the same (you have to remember that this is a huge franchise in Japan, and they don't want to screw up the formula for their Japanese fans). If you like the combat here, you should like it on the previous games as well.

I don't think I'd recommend buying a 3DS just to play Monster Hunter games since this one is so close to being out and streamlines so many aspects of the old games, but if you already own a 3DS, I would go ahead and pick up Monster Hunter Generations (which is actually the most recent one on 3DS, more recent than MH4U). If you do decide to pick it up, here's some tools to make use of: Athena's Armor Set Search (abbreviated as "Athena's ASS," believe it or not, and will help you assemble a good armor set with good skills), Ping's Dex (general game/quest/monster info), Kiranico (ditto last), the Monster Hunter Wiki (ditto last), and Gaijin Hunter's weapon tutorial videos.

As to what actually has been streamlined in World, there's probably too much to list it all here, honestly. IGN has a pretty good list here, though: