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Games that need more Mike Haggar

Mayor of Earth Mike Haggar. He's a family man. He's a professional wrestler. He's a mustachioed lead pipe and overall connoisseur. Sadly Haggar has only been in a handful of games, like the Final Fight series and, more recently, Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I think it's high time that Haggar makes more appearances, and here are some suggestions. Here's a picture of him piledriving a shark.

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  • Sure, beating the shit out of necromorphs with your bare, muscular hands would take some of the suspense out of the game, but those aliens had it coming. Maybe then I could even beat Hardcore mode.

  • YO HAGGAR, HIT THAT BIG-ASS RAMP! Also I'm pretty sure watching Haggar piledrive a racist helicopter would be the best thing ever.

  • From what I understand in this game you fight off lusty ladies. Then wouldn't it make sense that the manliest man is the one doing the fighting?

  • Charlie Chuck and Mike Haggar would make a great team, and you could get some sweet, sweet revenge on those asshole chefs.

  • I don't want a starring role for Haggar in this, but a mere mention of his name when you find out the first Krogan was the result of Mike Haggar impregnating a female komodo dragon in space.

  • Beating up veloceraptors. Need I say more?

  • How much more emotional impact would that notorious nuke scene have if it was actually Mike Haggar piledriving the bomb into [Middle Eastern Country]?

  • Mike Haggar happens to have a soft spot for those little colorful dudes, so he will RIP OUT THE THROAT OF ANYTHING THAT COMES CLOSE TO THEM.