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Jumping back a Generation! 27/02/11

This is basically a start at an attempt to keep a regular blog. 
I've been wanting to this for a while and I've wanted to do it for a couple of reasons, the main one is that I want to get writing again in a more regular fashion. 
I was getting so lazy writing i was struggling to spell simple words and was using bad grammar which I probably still am, the other reason is that I want to start contributing to the site, even if it is my own stupid way. 
The plan for me is to try and think a number of features big and small to do maybe daily? 
 So first off what is this feature,  
I Recently got my PS2 back and took it to University with me as i recently got the itch to play some of my old favourite games. 
Thats when it happened, i caught the amazon virus, i found myself buying Loads of old(?) games that i had missed the chance to play first time around, i admit this is not the  best way to spend a student loan. 
So i figured i'd write this as my view 5-8 years past their release date what my intial thoughts are, at least i hope thats what it will develop into. 
This week i thought i would just list the different games that i bought and plan to kinda review? 

Ps2 games i bought to try

This is a list of all the ps2 games i recently bought to try.

1. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES

I'm an endurance run buff so i would be silly not to pick this up, im actually pretty excited about this one, i was kinda off-put by the fact you can only control your guy, but im no RPG novice i'm sure i'll be fine.

2. Odin Sphere

I know nothing about this game, i heard its an ARPG and i've heard good things about this, let's be fair here, i went on an atlus bender!

3. Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga

I dunno what to think about these i've no experience with anything in the SMT Universe outside of Persona 4, i'm hoping I like cos as you see below i got the sequel :D

4. Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2


5. The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

Not this is a wild card i really think this could be one of 2 things, a competent RPG with a passable story, or just a trainwreck mess that will turn me right off.

I really do plan to add to these games so obviously you huys don't know what i've played but if there are any games you would want an untrained eye to look upon ( PS2 only ) which were released in the UK then let me know. 
Cheers till next time.

Bertmasta's Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters

Well seen as the GB staff are doing these why shouldnt i right?

I should note this will only include ff games i have played IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII
So ye its not perfect but, what do you think, who are ours?

10. Cecil - Well what can i say, Cecil walking out of that castle and that song we all remember playing for the first time, its enough for anyone to easily make it in a top spot, but personally i never found the older games as memorable as newer releases, probably becuase i have never plaed them as much.

9. Squall - never a fan of VIII, to me it was boring but i mean he had a gun blade, i mean come on thats pretty cool.

8. Steiner - What can you say about him, he was awesome and summed up perfectly a person in contstant struggle, he was  brilliant character to watch evolve and had some of the best lines in the game.

7. Quina - Blue/Blu magic, why do the freaks always use it? anyway that aside, i mean Quina was not really essential but added something to the game that no other charcter ever could, it was that classic childish ignorance in such a chubby weird form that i just ate up as a kid.

6. Wakka - As stange charcters go, this guy was weird, all the way to the accent, i mean i didnt believe this guy also voiced Marcus Fenix :O. 
Wakka added to FFX adding the majority of the comic relief, but his struggle with religion was one of the most endearing things in the installment.

5. Cait Sith - ...

4. Vivi - This lovable black mage gave personality to a shapeless emotionless form and really was the guy you really felt for, i mean his story was reall sad. And for this we love him.

3. Auron - Personally Auron is the real Hero of number ten, he was mysterious he had the deepest history in the universe, and really orcastreted the whole thing, one of the all time greats.

2. Sephiroth - Number 2 Mr Sephiroth himself, the baddest FF villain ever, he was insidious from the first time you seen him, until well you know...
You built a complete hatred for his evil, evil ways, he knew how to puch our buttons and we can all same we enjjoyed giving him a long overdue bitchslap!

1. Cloud - Arguably there has never been a charcter so interestingly complex as Cloud Strife, his fall from grace and eventual redemption were a joy to watch, he was strong yet vunerable at the same time, and is immortalised as a gaming legend, a title which he very much deserves.


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Just thought i'd write a little something about my favourite thing at the moment.
This anime is something else i mean so very epic the music, the fighting, the speeches, the emotion, god i love this anime so much.
So ye if your an anime fan and still havent gave this a watch, it would be a pretty good idea to then you truly will kick reason to the curb and surpass the impossible!

Pierce the heavens with your soul!
Pierce the heavens with your soul!

so ye i have calmed down now, sorry about that guys.


Dear Giantbomb!!!!!

This blog will adress a couple of questions i have, if any of you have time please reply, so
1. A Problem i have or have found is im updatingg this people have in the queue which i dont know about and am editing so i propose if there is any way, a system could be placed so we could search the edit queue so we are not wasting our time sometimes, its not a big problem but would speed p pointless submissions.

2. Is there any plans for a user video review system, not really an issue with me more a general wondering.

Thanks for reading :)


Im Jealous

The first thing i seen when i came on the site was them cool cartoons of the giantbomb crew, totally awesome, but the thing is now i want one, that would be so cool.
First day of giantbomb pretty excellent, bit overwhelmed by the amount of content its possessing and will grow to insane amounts, and i can safely say this site will be packed full of everything from the ever game ever, its pretty exciting aint it.