My top ten favorite games of all time.

My favourite games between the 1990 and 2002 era.

List items

  • My first game and game system ever. I love this game and it will always have a special place in my heart.

  • This game changed it all for me, coming from the N64 this game was amazing: beautiful graphics, story, game play, and a compelling world made this a hallmark in my life, and is why to this day I am a massive Halo fan. Halo 2 would be on the list around here too but I wanted to stick to older games up to around 2002 .

  • Awesome monsters and cool guns.

  • Loving the art, music and slight gameplay improvements from the other DKs I loved this game almost as much as the first.

  • Duke Nukem 64 was my first FPS crush, I loved his game and the cool monsters. Babes helps too.

  • Who doesn't have this game on their list? It was and still is great fun.

  • The first Rare game since the DK series that I played and I loved it.

  • My first Real time strategy game this would go one to fuel my love for RTS games.

  • Loved this in the same way I loved Banjo-Kazooie, but I've just always loved Rare games a bit more.

  • First online game, great fun amazing game. Mad Cat and Timber Wolf were my favourite mechs.