Three months later...

Hey duders. Have several blogs churning in the ol' noggin that I want to write, but I figured this could be its own separate thing. You may remember back in late May/early June where I was told that I won some stuff? Well it finally came today.

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Yep. My "lifetime" of Xbox Live Gold and 32,000 Microsoft points arrived in a big box... full of smaller boxes, containing 30 individually packaged 12-month XBL Gold cards and 8 other cards worth 4000 Microsoft points. What a colossal waste of plastic. Oh well, at least the cards themselves look like cardboard. Still! 38 cards I have to enter one at a time. That's ridiculous.
...But in some ways beneficial, too. Despite winning nearly $2,000 worth of points and XBL gold, tons of other stuff has gone wrong around here. You'd swear that luck is some kind of resource that gets stored up over time and I spent all of it winning this sweepstakes, because since getting notified of winning, I've had what feels like nothing but bad luck: I found out that my SNES is dead, my Nintendo DS hinge broke, my internet connection's been turning to garbage, and just last week, my Playstation 2 decided it was no longer important to recognize anything plugged in to its controller ports. I have some money saved up for this kind of stuff, but I think I'm gonna thumb through the rules of the sweepstakes one more time and see if I can't sell off some of these 12 month XBL Gold cards - the service probably won't even be around in 30 years, and selling off 10 cards would be close to $500. Even 20 years of XBL Gold is still probably longer than any human being would need. I'd be almost 50 years old by then.
So yeah. That's all, I guess. I've got blogs for StarCraft 2 and my website redesign tumbling around in my head, so stay tuned for those whenever I get around to it. 
Oh, and just a heads up: The whole "lol send me some codes!" joke is already extremely played out, so if you could, spare me the eyeroll. ;P