Bioshock final thoughts, more Far Cry 2


A step forward

I think Bioshock is a major step forward for video games. What we have here is a masterpiece. Perfect blend of entertainment + storytelling + wonderful visuals/art.
We are watching a movie, and making it at the same time, for me, that's what Bioshock is all about.

 I'm not even sure if I should call this simply a video game anymore, because I don't think this is for everyone, this is something that needs to be appreciated in the right way.

 I have a friend, a casual player. I told him to get Bioshock and Crysis, and so he did. He loved Crysis, and he hated Bioshock, why? First of all because he doesn't understand English very well, and if you don't understand english, there is no point in playing Bioshock. Second, because as a casual shooter fan, he likes action all the time, he couldn't care less about the story, the art design, the Easter eggs. Third (joining the two first points toghether ) he can't even see the philosophical conflict within the game. Don't get me wrong, crysis is a great game and I loved it, but you can simply pass the cut scenes and ignore all the dialogs, and you will still enjoy the game. But you can't do that in Bioshock, if you don't explore the world of Rapture, if you are not curious about the story, if you don't take your own side on the political and philosophical conflict, you can't enjoy this game, at least you can't fully enjoy it, and most probably you will get bored by it.

 And this is exactly why I love video games, they join up all the big forces of art, put them together, and let you be a part of it. That is why games like Bioshock, in my opinion, go further then many others, they take the risk of loosing the casual gamer, but they are brilliant to those who "get it".

 Bioshock is obviously not a perfect game, but the little flaws it has don't really matter, we have to look at the bigger picture here. By the way, the bad point I mentioned in my earlier journal about our character being "non-responsive" ****SPOILERS  - well, Now that I finished the game I can see I was obviously wrong and there is a reason for it being this way ******SPOILERS.
 Anyway, I will review the game soon and talk a bit more about it, but it was indeed an amazing experience, too bad I waited almost one year to finally get in the mood to play it :P

Far Cry 2

The visuals are amazing!!
The visuals are amazing!!

Finally I'm getting into it

 Yeap, I'm finally starting to get more into the game. After following the tips Brad gave us the game is becoming better.

 Today I did mostly Side Quests, specially to unlock new weapons, my weapons warehouse is finally getting some new stuff!
 I'm now getting used to the traveling system and being more patient and killing every Outpost instead of passing by and getting chased etc.. I'm trying to play the game with a different approach - I keep forgetting this is not Crysis and not even like the original Far Cry.

 This is a game that takes time if you want to do things right, it really try's to put you into Africa - you might have to stop what you are doing and go do some underground quest to get your medicine against malaria, you might have to drive allot just to go and "refuel" your weapons. The game is not hard, but you have to play it in a slower pace then other shooters.

 I still think the enemy's AI is really odd, they might hit you when they are very very far away but if you are right next to them they might be shooting and missing all the shots.
 I also need to figure out how to do quests in a more stealthy way, I think the first thing I'm gonna do next time I play is to buy some weapons with silencers, and then I'm gonna try to do some missions at nighttime. I actually don't really like to play at night, you can't see anything, it's really hard to see your enemy's, but they however, see you all the time and you keep getting shot at only God knows from where, but then again, this might be just me not playing it how I should, I'm still learning anyway.

I will play some more these next days and keep you updated on my thoughts about it!

I think that's all, take care everyone.