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My name is Jacob. Translated to Latin, its Iacobus. Huh.

Hey so, about the avatar. Why is it pink? I like Every Time I Die, and they have this new album where the deluxe-edition is pink. (Ex Lives) Its pretty violent as fuck, and the cover has this blonde bro that's about to get curb-stomped by like 30 riot guards. And he's probably like at Berkley tripping on acid, and finals are tomorrow. So that's why my avatar is pink. Because I extracted the color, turned that into hexa-decimal, and turned that into some RGB, and used that color as this fake tint I made in Powerpoint. Its homemade, I like it, and it works.

Oh and that little girl is about to get to her hand eaten off by a possum from outside. 1st grade is not gonna go so well all of a sudden.

So yea. I'm a dude, not gay, and violent metal is pretty good sometimes.

Some dumb Russian Name Generator said my name is: Natyashenka Tassie Morozov

Favorite Quotes, for no reason:

"Gameboy Color;" "Five gallons of mayonnaise." "Dutch, brownies." "I bought this and it doesn't have the maps. It doesn't have the maps, mom! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" - Me


"(Hello..) Hello!. What color are your fucking eyes?!.. (Mine?) Yea.. (Blue?.) They're blue?, For sure right? (Yea?.) Aight, bye.. Alright, let's go." - Dance Gavin Dance

"At eleven, Pay more at the grocer, for getting less.. 'The fuck are you doing?!" - Drop Dead, Gorgeous

"Smells like desperation and fritos.." - Will Tuttle (The GameSpy Debriefings

"Tyler, I'ma punch you in the nuts (though.) WHAT THE FUCK, is it??. Portal?! Is it Portal?!... Well fucking, get on it nerds!!" - Anthony Gallegos (Rebel FM)

"Jäger Creek sounds like it'd be full of hyperdermic needles, and glass.. passed out clowns.." - Brian Altano (Podcast Unlocked)

"(Too Many Variables)" - Dr. Ratman's graffiti (Portal 2)

"When will Donkey Kong go back to store and say, "I bought tie and did not receive shoes? Thank yooh.." ~ Brian Altano (The GameSpy Debriefings)

"You're killing me, 'Smalls!!.." - The Sandlot

"(Stop The Fuckin' Car)" - Circa Survive

"(Baby, You Wouldn't Last A Minute On The Creek)" - Chiodos

"Let's get fucked up and die, I'm speaking figuratively of course, like the last time that I committed suicide, social suicide.." - Motion City Soundtrack

"Your gangster is not defined by how low your jeans fall by your waist, but more how your jeans stand over his expectations. (Never forget where we came from.)" - Jay-Z

"You know what happened to me, this week?!" - Paul Miller "Brandon, Brandon again!" - Nilay Patel "I was gonna go to a Twilight marathon, but I got the wrong day. So now I haven't seen Twilight yet. - Paul "I.." - Nilay "Although, I think it comes out at midnight, but I don't really know." - Paul "I'm literally trying to feel sympathy." - Nilay "I think it might be a whole week until I see Twilight." - Paul "Again. I think this emotions'.. I don't even know, how do you even qualify.." - Nilay "How does it end?" - Paul "Am I hungry? That makes me feel hungry." - Nilay - The Vergecast

"Soldiers in the front let the heat pump, troops on the left fight to the death, fam on the right infrared lights, wolves in the back get ready to attack." - Raekwon, GZA

"Jesus fucking Christ. Get your fucking life together!" - Scott Bromley (IGN)

"a filthy combo could potentially end the world." - filthierich

"You can throw the Steam controller like a crowbar in Half-Life 3." - Me

"I'm amazing (amazing), yeah I'm all that (all that) If I ain't on my grind than what you call that (what you call that) Victorious, yeah we warriors We make history, strive for victory (yeah) Standing at my podium, I'm trying to watch my sodium Die high blood pressure either let the feds catch ya (yeah) I'm amazing born on a full moon I was breed to get it in, no spoon That's why I'm so goon summer time no joke Big family small house, no room They like "Oh God, why he go so hard Look what he's been through, he deserves an applause" - Jeezy, Amazing, Kanye's 808's & Heartbeats