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Games I Finished in 2017

My 4th year of keeping track of all the video games I finish here on good ol' Check out past lists here:

For the last two years I've been setting a goal for myself to finish a certain amount of games before the year ends. In 2015 it was 100 games and in 2016 it was 45. Even though I met my goal both times I set out to do so I'm not gonna try and go for a hat-trick this year. Instead, I'd like to focus more on writing about games. Whether it be on the list entry here, a blog post or a review I am committed to writing something about all the games I finish this year. Whether or not I actually manage to do that is another story though...

List items

  • Date Completed: January 6th

    Time to Completion: In-game speedrun timer displays a time of 04:04:03 (Please note that I was not trying to speedrun the game for this playthrough)

    The last time I played this game was shortly after it came out which was in August of 2013 based on the Steam achievements I have. 3 years isn't a long time but I feel like I've got a pretty spotty memory and I wanted to see how Ittle Dew compared to my memories of it. Plus, I just bought the sequel and I just thought it'd be nice to see this game again.

    Anywho, as far the game goes it more or less matches up with how I remembered it. Although, I had forgotten that all the puzzles in the game were box + switch puzzles. It's not great for the sake of variety but the game isn't very long and the mechanics are deep enough to keep things interesting. There's a nice range of difficulty for the puzzles. Most of the main game is easy enough and the hardest puzzles in the game are pretty tough and creative even though the game sticks to a single style of puzzle throughout. The art style and writing is cute and fun too!

    The combat isn't great but it's functional. The little I've seen of Ittle Dew 2 shows a little improvement on that end. I don't actually know much about the mechanics of it beyond that. I do hope that the sequel is cool because Ittle Dew is a pretty cool game!

  • Date Completed: January 8th

    Time to Completion: 40:37(!) according to the 3DS activity log.

  • Date Completed: January 10th

    Time to Completion: 9 hours according to Steam. Probably has an in-game timer with a more exact time that I will add later.

  • Date Completed: January 15th

    Time to Completion: 24 hours to finish it once and 50 hours to get every ending and complete the post-game content.

  • Date Completed: February 8th

    Time to Completion: 3 hours.

  • Date Completed: February 8th

    Time to First Win: 6 hours.

  • Date Completed: February 11th

    Time to Completion: 7 hours.

  • Date Completed: February 13th

    Time to Completion: ~3 hours.

  • Date Completed: February 15th

    Time to Completion: 9 hours.

  • Date Completed: February 21st

    Time to Completion: 18 hours.

  • Date Completed: February 25th

    Time to Completion: I honestly have no idea. Will fill this out later.

  • Date Completed: March 15th

    Time to Completion: 15 hours.

  • Date Completed: March 16th

    Time to Completion: 36 hours.

  • Date Completed: April 6th

    Time to Completion: 36 hours.

  • Date Completed: April 9th

    Time to Completion: 5 hours.