1000 Wiki Pages Down, A Look Back.

So as I have been sitting here toiling away at the wiki, a thought popped into my head. I knew that I had been getting close to reaching 1000 pages I created on the wiki (not counting people for credits), so I decided to go and check the list. Well as it turns out the last page I had created before checking was lucky number 1000. Here is the list of all the pages I created so far.

What was that 1000th wiki page you may ask? Well I will get to that in good time, but first:

The beginning

So when I first came to Giant Bomb (on August 8, 2010) I was super excited about the idea of an approachable video game wiki, which up to that point I felt like sites like Mobygames and Gamefaqs were not. At first I will admit I had no real direction or idea of what I was doing, I just knew that I could finally help with something like this with my massive love of video games.

The First Page

Jumper Two, The First Page I ever Added
Jumper Two, The First Page I ever Added

I had no idea where to start when I decided I wanted to help fill out Giant Bombs wiki, so I filled a small amount of information here and there on some random games I had played. Well finally I had recently played a little PC game called Jumper Two, decided I was going to go fill in a little information about it but found that there wasn't a page for it on Giant Bomb. I had decided to leave it alone at the time, not knowing how to go about submitting a new page.

Well a few days later I decided I would figure out how to add a new game page, and that I did. Once I got that message that my request to add the page was accepted I was hooked from then on out.

The Addiction Starts

After that first page I was addicted to seeking out and adding any kind of information I could that wasn't yet present. I went on to add a page for the Jumper series main character, Ogmo (who made an appearance in Super Meat Boy), a franchise page for Jumper, and the third game in the series as well. I ended up adding some character, object, and location pages that I am honestly not sure why I took the time to do, and frankly when I go back to some of the early pages I created I probably wouldn't take the time for anymore, but I was sure having fun pouring info into the wiki.

Focusing Up

A couple of times over the couple years I have been working on the wiki here on Giant Bomb I have gotten into a groove with editing and adding specific types of pages. The first of these focuses that I had was pinball machines. Pinball being something that I love, I started adding credits for folks who worked on pinball machines and noticed that there were tons of machines that were missing from the wiki. Well that started what I like to call my mass pinball initiative where I added a TON of pinball machines to the wiki.

Another area in which I have worked on adding a lot of pages is the Game Boy games, or more specifically Game Boy Color games. I noticed the Game Boy Color was lacking quite a bit of not just information, but entire game pages as well. I still go back from time to time and try to go through a good chunk of the GBC games, but it is a pretty big task.

Another series of games that I for some reason decided to add to the wiki is a Japanese pachi-slot series called Slotter Mania. I started by adding one of the games I found some information on and noticed it was a series, however I had no idea just how large this series was when I started.

Lately my masochistic obsession with hidden objects games has led me down a rabbit hole that I honestly had no idea was as massive as it was. There are literally hundreds of generic looking hidden objects games out there, thanks Big Fish Games.

Page 1000

Page #1000
Page #1000

Since I didn't realize before hand that I was this close to hitting 1000 I ended up not being able to plan out at all what my 1000th page was. So I have been sitting here all morning adding these hidden objects games and the companies that develop them to the wiki and my 1000th page happened to be one of them. Strange Cases: the Secrets of Grey Mist Lake was my 1000th page, a generic hidden objects game that is the third in a series.

Beyond 1000

I am sure nobody out there really cares about reading all of this, but for me it is something I want to be able to look back on later when i'm at 1500 or 2000 pages and laugh at how I posted a blog about getting to 1000. I am dedicated to trying to make Giant Bomb the best gaming wiki out there, and encourage anyone else out there who hasn't taken a shot at wiki editing to do so.