My arbitrarily ordered top ten games of 2014.

2014 was a weird year for me, I spent half of it in hospitals and rehab learning how to walk again after a spinal cord injury due to a car accident. But I wouldn't call it a bad year. Good things happened to make up for the bad. In regards to gaming I would consider 2014 to be great for people like me who like Japanese games and can understand Japanese. So without further ado here's my arbitrarily ordered top ten games of 2014.

Top Ten Games of The Year 2014

1. Rance IX -Heruman Kakumei-Most people would be put off by the main character's sexual tendencies and I understand why that would be the case. The Rance series has some seriously addictive gameplay and each game in the series takes on a different genre. Rance 9 is the first full 3d game (the 3D is fucking terrible) and it's a tactics game. There's a choice to turn on perma death but due to some cheap shots enemies can take without any warning , I'd recommend leaving it off. Rance gets a spot on my list for the hundred hours I spent on it. I hope it gets translated (it won't)
2. DestinyFuck Destiny. Fuck Bungie. Fuck the raid. Fuck Dinglebot. Why can't I stop playing it?
3. Drakengard 3This game is a technical mess and its final boss is sadism incarnate. The story and characters (if you play it in japanese) make it worth it.
4. Bravely DefaultThe last four chapters are padding of the worst kind. But I'm incredibly grateful to them. I played Bravely Default while I was stuck in the hospital after a car accident. It helped push the fear and pain of the chance of never being able to walk again out of my mind.
5. Bayonetta 2This game justified a Wii-U purchase, it also caused me to break my gamepad (that fucking Rodin fight).
6. Wolfenstein: The New OrderFighting Nazis on the Moon is awesome.
7. Persona Q: Shadow of the LabyrinthWhile the main story is nothing to write home about. How the Persona 4 and 3 teams play off each other makes going through it a treat.
8. Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-The characters look beautiful. The music is great as always. The story mode should be the basis of all Arcsys fighting games from now on.
9. Nier ReplicantWhile not a 2014 game, I finally got the chance to play it. It's Nier, people should play Nier. Fuck Metal Gear Scanlon, there should be DaNier. PLAY NIER
10. Subarashiki Hibi: Furenzoku SonzaiGame of the Year, every year. The translation patch may come out in 2015.

Welcome to the Corpse Party, It has something for everyone!

Corpse Party has something for everyone. You should really go and play Corpse Party

  • If you like point and click adventure games, Corpse Party has you covered.
  • If you like low-sprite chibis’ that look like they should be saving the world or selecting from a drop down menu or buying potions, Corpse Party has you covered.
  • If you like a game to have immersive BGM, Corpse Party has you covered.
  • If you like good voice acting, Corpse Party has you covered.
  • If you like Adachi or Agent York, Corpse Party has you covered.
  • If you like schoolgirl lesbians, Corpse Party has you covered.
  • If you like traps, Corpse Party has you covered.
  • If you like ghosts that get angry when you open the stall he's taking a shit in, Corpse Party has you covered.
  • If you like cannibalism, Corpse Party has you covered.
  • If you like necrophilia, Corpse Party has you covered.
  • If you like girls that piss themselves, Corpse Party has you covered.
  • If you like guys who take pictures of their dead friends and masturbate to them, Corpse Party has you covered.

If you are wondering why this game got a "Teen" rating after all the shit I described to you, then you are exactly like me.

Oh and it also has this.

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Oh and the PC version has a translation patch of the first chapter which is available legally for free, which you can get here.


Penguins, Incest, Fabulous MAX, and Philosophy 101

So today I'm going to talk about Mawaru Penguindrum, a currently running show about penguins being cute and brothers who want to have sex with their dead sister who was brought back to life by a magical hat.

Mawaru Penguindrum is Ikuhara Kunihiko's third directorial/writer job, with his other two being Sailor Moon and Revolutionary Girl Utena. When this show first started airing 13 weeks ago, no one knew what it was going to be about and still no one really knows what this show is about but so far there have been four main threads that have connected the episodes.

1. The brothers, Kanba (Red Hair) and Shouma (Blue Hair) quest to obtain the Penguindrum (which seems to be a girl's diary) for their sister Himari.

2. Oginome Ringo's (the owner of said dairy) quest to become impregnated by Shouma's high school teacher so that she can become her dead sister, Momoka.

3. (゜Д゜)<生存戦略ーーーーーっ!!!> ROCK OVER JAPAN. Welcome to Rock’n Roll Night. Welcome to Rock’n Roll Fight. I’m just a Rock’n Roll MAN. We’re just a Rock’n Roll BAND.

4. Penguins being cute.

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I'm spending over $425 on an anime and this isn't the 1st time.

This doesn't even include shipping.
This doesn't even include shipping.

As I start thinking about the Persona 4 anime that's coming soon, I reminisce back on all the anime related purchases I've made and how fucking expensive japanese shit is compared to it's western equivalent. Do I regret any purchase I've made? Fuck no. (Except for buying 4 copies of Catherine, that was crazy.) But I'm getting off my point.

When the Persona 4 anime comes out on Blu-ray, I'm going to buy it, it's going to be priced at around $70, and there are going to be at least 9 volumes. I'm going buy each volume for all the stupid extra shit Aniplex is going to pack into it (Drama CDs, Concept Art, and a Nanako/Adachi hug pillow).

I'm buying Infinite Stratos (Pictured Above) mostly for Moe ~ Moe ~ "Hitler-tan"

Don't Judge Me.
Don't Judge Me.