TL;DL Podcast Ep.12: Late Title Card

TL;DL Episode 12, With Bonbolapti, Ossi, Vidiot, Bene, and Sidescroller. Look it's another episode, how exciting, let's talk about stuff. About what exactly? Well Movies for one thing. Right off the bat. Even before the show starts. Movies movies movies. Oh yeah.. but also videogames... 
Well.. Okay Maybe just Transformers 3 and Tree of Life. What else is in store? 

  • Vidiot doesn't understand how Harry Potter works. (and needs his America in everything.)
  • Actually let's play a game... How many time Have I dropped the F bomb this podcast? When I was listening to it, I was actually kind of surprised in myself.
  • Again, Transformers 3!
  • Tree of Life is probably, if anything, a student film.
  • Steam Salessssssssss
  • An L.A. NOIRE Conversation that hits the spoiler mark at around the 33:00 mark to 43:30
  • Then we talk about the relationship between Team Bondi and Rockstar
  • Bene Throws down a conversation about Radiant Historia
  • Some Sort of Level 5/studio Ghibli game
  • Ossi has been playing Pilotwings Resort on his 3DS.
  • Bon is one of the cool kids that smack talks Journey and Spoils the game for EVERYONE.
  • Then Bon gets to talk about Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, and discuss the Benefits of having it on your Portable.
  • Then the General Resident Evil conversation begins.
  • The We go from Resident Evil Racism to Metroid Sexism, because the two go hand in hand.
  • And before we go, we tease what Bene will be talking about NEXT WEEK.
Thanks for Listening guys! We're happy to be back in the groove of it.