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All hobbies are cyclical. Anything that doesn't demand your time can be set aside. In the MMO world we always say "RL first", it's only a game and in a good community you are not punished for taking a break from your guild/group. You can treat games in general the same way. Try board games for a while. See if your partner likes card RPG games. Try learning cribbage. "Yo man, you play crib?" Divest your interest and your appetite will evolve and cycle back.

For myself, I still have a shitload of PS3/360/Wii games I want to complete and revisit. It's a goddamn tragedy that I can't finish GFWL achievements on Dark Void and Dark Souls. :) I really don't intend to move forward quickly into the new gen, because who knows how long my past consoles will last for all the hours I have yet to sink into them. I actually might buy spares when they are cheap enough, but eventually I'll be hosed for patches or DLC availability. I'm mid-thirties BTW, more money than time, etc.

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I have a lot more respect for the old NES platformer programmers now; getting running and jumping to act smooth & natural is insanely tougher than it seems.

Also... most of of them were doing it in fucking Assembly code. O_o

I wish programming used to be like you're doing, I can read it. :)

I look forward to trying it. Between the Simon's Quest sprites and McGroove audio, it appears to be everything I love.

Kinda can't believe this hasn't been shared yet... might want to ask for more permissions for v1.5. It's only appropriate to have a vocal track over the end credits. ;)

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OP appears to be looking for Reddit or Slashdot karma. Shall not find here.

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9/10 buying Hush from iTunes now.

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The politically correct answer is that Brett is the black woman they hired to meet the internet's quota.

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@karkarov said:

I am pretty sure there are more than 19 effective offense choices in DS2 though.

And yet if I have issues I go back to my mace. I start a new character with a mace. And I kindof want to have one of every enchantment of mace. And powerstance dual maces... It's like the Drakesword, you have to wean yourself off of the easy cheesy starter weapon, except it's pretty easy for maces to carry you through. Meanwhile I would love to enjoy whips and bladestaffs more. Love dex builds.

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@frostyryan said:

From what I've seen, DSII is not a good representation of Souls games. It's apparently pretty linear. Bloodborne will be a treat with its level design

I suppose I agree that each area map is fairly linear in path, and narrow of corridor, but I can't think of how this differs greatly from earlier games, or from the hours of footage I have watched of BB. There is a path that takes you towards a (mini/optional) boss, and a backtrack path for a shortcut unlock. Sometimes there are closed arenas.

Edit: I went to look up ENB's comments about BB level design and here it is. So, his opinion from his interaction with the developers, is there is a freedom for "stealthy ways to do things". Being more careful and measured. So that is a clear distinction from earlier games playing off turtling behind a shield, using the map design and your agility more to strike quick and succeed. Certainly in Souls games we all learn how to cheese the map, and I like to think a lot of that was intentional...

I have the DS2 guide, and I have "open world" explored the areas in nothing resembling their chosen order. I regularly bounce around to the point that it's hard to remember where I'm finished. Like most adventure games you are eventually funnelled into unlocking the next thing by completing several other things in whatever order.

Certainly DS2 has a boringly narrow choice of weapons and armour that are actually effective, particularly for shields. #maceface #jesterset

Edit: I'm absolutely referring to PVE dynamics. Despite DS2 being thought of as better for PVP (by Namebro anyway) I haven't taken advantage of that yet. Too busy working on a Darkwraith. ;)

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As someone with a little experience putting podcasts where they ought'a be, I'm glad to see Gamespot make a tutorial for custom radio stations. Have at 'er, and report back how well it handles 3+ hour files.

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100% in favour of Kojima breaking out and trying new things.

100% in favour of MG being about more than just Snake protagonists.

I think now is finally the time for him to "be done with it". Two complete story arcs is a remarkable career.

What I'm saying is, Destiny 3: Moon Eater.