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List of Every Platform I Own

Pretty standard list of platforms I own, how I acquired them, and my first game(s) for them.

Ordered by time I acquired the platform.

List items

  • [First Game: Mario Bros./Duck Hunt]

    My parents already owned one when they introduced me to it. I guess I just owned it over time. Had a fair amount of games for the console, but never was even up to casual with it.

  • [First Game: Sonic The Hedgehog 2]

    The first console purchased for me. Had slightly less games for it then the NES, but played the shit out of the Sonic games, and rented a lot for it too.

  • [First Game: Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped]

    Was given this for Christmas after begging for one for a long time.

    The moment I played Crash 3, I new I would be playing games forever.

  • [First Game: Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy]

    Originally, I was given one of those 5-whatever-games-in-one transformable table top thingies. Once the novelty of that thing wore off, it was returned it for a refund and I was given a PS2! I was given a handful of cheap games with it, and in my stupid young age, traded them all away to help purchase some other fucking game I don't even remember... needless to say, I recovered (most of) those games and vowed to never trade in again.

  • [First Games: Mario 64 / Pokemon Snap]

    I never owned an N64 until well after it's life cycle. It was given to me by a friend when he moved on to the GameCube. I only got a couple of his games due to the fact that he sold the rest before I could get them. One of which was his Mario 64 cartridge. So I guess my first true game I owned with the N64 was Pokemon Snap.

  • [First Games: Super Mario Sunshine / Super Smash Bros. Melee]

    Pretty much the same situation with the GC as the N64. Only this time he sold Sunshine on me, luckily he kept Melee. We still play that time to time.

  • [First Games: Fusion Frenzy / Halo 2]

    Again, same situation as the GC and N64, this time Fusion Frenzy was sold on me. I got the XBOX with the GameCube, and barely touch it. Mostly because Halo 2 and a handful of other games are the only things I have for it.

  • [First Game: Call of Duty 4]

    I was going to get a PS3 for Metal Gear Solid 4. But when Sony was discontinuing the 60GB backwards-compatible models, I grabbed one of the last ones up. I picked up COD4 solely because I need a game to tide me over till MGS4 was released. I wasn't really into FPSs but it held me along. That and Burnout: Paradise and GTA4 which I got not to long later.

  • [First Games: Halo 3 / Halo 3: ODST / Assassins Creed 2]

    My actual first games was Halo 3 and ODST, but that's only because they came with the Elite. I was given AC2 at Christmas and played the shit out of it. I never thought I was going to get a 360, but now that I do, I rest easier about the console exclusives and superior versions of games today.

  • {iPhone 4}[First Game: Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift]

    My first cell phone. Not to bad, huh? Grabbed up the holiday free version of Cut the Rope, along with some other free Apps, and knew why it was so popular.

  • {RetroN 3}[First Game: Super Mario World]

    My NES and my GENESIS no longer work, and I don't have the nerves to fix the machines myself without destroying them. So I purchased the RetroN 3, a NES/SNES/GENESIS Combo machine. Now I can play my old carts again, and hopefully start acquiring more SNES carts and re-live the memories I never had.

  • [First Game: Kirby’s Dream Collection Special Edition]

    When the Wii Mini debuted here in Canada, it quickly and single-handedly killed local sales of original Wiis. So, because I was still interested in online functions (Read: Virtual Console), and I also thought I should treat myself to the good Wii games I missed, I went all Amazon and got a Wii.