Top 10 Games of 2017

This has been a hell of a year. Some might say one of the best years of gaming. It was very difficult to only put 10 games on this list so many favorites didn't make and and its amazing to see a year like this. I want to give a shout out to Cosmic Star Heroine it just barely didn't make it to the top 10 list. It is an RPG that moves at an amazing pace with no filler and every battle matters, please check it out. This year makes me wonder what 2018 will be like.

List items

  • This game is the first game since I was a kid that make me feel like one again. This is a world of adventure and discovery. It brings meaning to the phrase its the journey not the ending. Everywhere you go there is something worth visiting, new discoveries to be made. There are no map markers you make your own. This is an adventure in every sense of the word and no other game has made me feel like this. This game transports you and lets you play by any rules that make sense in the world. It is game changing for the open world genre and I hope we can see others try their hand at what Breath of the Wild did so well.

  • I was a big fan of the first one but this game blew past that one in the most amazing way. This is one the the best crafted scifi stories I have had the pleasure of playing/seeing/reading. The combat is fun and changes throughout the game but the world and story are what really make this game shine. Play this game and see for yourself no amount of writing will do this game justice it needs to be experienced and not heard.

  • I had no hype for this game at all but I was so wrong to not be excited about Origins. This is Assassins Creed Witcher. Great side quests with stories that add to the character you are playing and one of the best assassin characters they have written. Good new combat system that reminds me a bit of the souls games without the high difficulty. Really beautiful world and one of my favorite weapons of the year the fire sword (the way it interacts with the world is truly an experience).

  • Robot Dinosaurs, seriously. This has a fantastic scifi story with some great twits to it with good characters and awesome action. They have really built up a great world to play in.The over complex Dino designs play into how you figure out how to beat each one and each fight is unique. This is a game that should be celebrated.

  • This is a Japanese drama made into a video game. Great characters and wacky world made this a game to remember. Its cool to basically have a fighting game rpg which is something I had wanted a long time. From the crazy side quest to the drama filled main story there is something for everyone. This is a different take on gangsters and its the best the series has ever been.

  • I have mentioned story a lot in this years games and this one is no diffrenet. The twists and turns is something to be experinaced and the best part of the game. However the shooting is no slouch either. Its an old school fps in 2017 with health packs and run and gun action. When I think about shooters this year this is the one that I had the most fun with. Don't hide use the best shotgun in video games to kill some Nazi bastards.

  • A fucking wall attacked me. I mean come on a wall. Not only does it have some great surprises but this game made the Souls games more accessible without giving up the difficulty. The loot based system really added to the way this game is handled and played and did more for Souls games than the last 2 Dark Souls games.

  • Maybe I am just obsessed with loot but loot in a fighting game? Hell yes! The loot based system differentiates this from other fighting games. Not only does it have a great story mode but if you don't want to go online and get whooped on you have a bunch of other modes to play as a single player person I really appreciate this. Its a master class in how to make a fighting game for everyone.

  • THE THEME SONG! Seriously listen to it right now and it will make you feel better. This is a very creative game with the hat system it changes Mario. Its got some really great moments but its the hat capture mechanic that sets it apart from not only other Mario games but other games this year.

  • I want to preference that I am still working my way through this game but I am far enough in that I am comfortable calling this one of the best games this year. I have spent more time in this RPG than a lot of other games this year. From a really fantastic battle system to a crazy action anime story this is a wild ride. The scope of the open environments is impressive and massive. The story pulls no punches and moves at a fast pace for such a large game. The different blades and all the systems to help you power up really help drive that addiction to get them all and become more powerful. Tons of side quests and plenty to do make this already large game even larger.