Games of My Life - Silent Hill 2

Yes, it's time for another "Games of My Life".  This time I'll talk about Silent Hill 2

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Fast forward a couple of years since I found myself playing Worms, Crash or even Sonic. Two years ago a friend of mine borrowed me his copy of Silent Hill 2. As a future writer/game developer/something that gives me the change to show my stories to the world, the events that were about to unfold changed my way of storytelling and gamming.
Silent Hill 2 is unlike any other game I've played, and that includes all the Silent Hills I've played so far (1 to 4).  The story is so complex and amazing, everything has a meaning, every monster, every character and every place. 
Genuinely scary, Silent Hill 2 put us on the shoes of James Sunderland,  a troubled man, haunted by his past, sent to Silent Hill to search is dead wife, who somehow was able to send him a letter. I don't want to say much about the story, because I don't want to ruin it for future players, since that's the strongest point in the game, but let's just say that James has to fight a lot of monsters and that everything is not what it looks like at first in this quiet little town.
The soundtrack is amazing and I easily give this entire series the award for best original soundtrack ever! (And I'm a rock fan...) . Actually, I'm listening to the  OST right now. 
But don't let my words decide, listen for yourself: 
Silent Hill 2 was the best horror game I played, and although you are going to see more horror games on my blog, none of them was as fantastic and scary as this one. 
I have a couple of memories from this game... hours and hours of trying to open closed doors! I laugh of it now, but when i was playing the game I was frustrated. 
  Seriously now, this game made an impact on me, not because of the gameplay, not because of inovation, and not because of his graphics, all of that was normal for the time and not especially ground breaking, but the story.
And this is why i choose Silent Hill 2 as one of the games of my life