Games of my life - Tekken 3

Hello, welcome to my newest entry in the "Games of My Life" series, today I'll talk about Tekken 3

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Tekken 3 was probably the second most played game in my PS1 collection, the first being Crash Bandicoot 3. It was the best game to play with friends and family with lots of different characters for everyone and graphics that were fantastic for the time Tekken 3 became my favorite fighting game ever.
I have found memories playing this game with my best friend, our fights were evenly matched and we could stay hours playing this game and never get tiered, actually i remember a time when i and my cousin chose both Dr. B and we fought for an entire hour because our characters were always falling in the ground.  I also remember my mother defeating with an epic button smash that was even able to do some combos I had never seen.
My favorite characters were Xiaoyu, King, Paul, Nina, Eddy and Jin. But i liked them all, most of the characters were fantastic and could be deadly in the right hands.
And this is why i chose Tekken 3 as one of the games of my life